Tweens are smarter than you think: the wonderful, true story of the ERMAHGERD meme


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Fixed your title:
“Twerns er smerter thern yer thernk: ther wernderfer trer stereri erv ther ERMAHGERD merm”


Did they just “I totally meant to do that”?


As the parent of a tween, almost teen, I approve of this message!


That was pretty great.


“RL Stine got pretty grumpy about it…”
Still, he agreed to appear at the end of this video the same year, so he can’t have been too upset about it all:


I wish I could tell her that I love it not to laugh at her, but because I love seeing kids that age excited by something, especially reading! Also, it IS fun to say “ermagehrd!”


As a 50-something British Male, I find “Ermagehrd” very useful when wishing to express my excitement at some new novelty.


I somehow missed the ermahgerd meme when it first came around, only discovering it a couple months later. I love how awesome she is about the whole thing though. Even with the bikini shot:


Tweens are so F’ing cool!


No that is not fixed and please remove yourself from this spot of grass thank you.


All the things are a remash.


This is one of my favorite things that Boing Boing has EVER shared with me. I’m so happy to know the real story behind this meme! It only makes it better.


Shameful story time: my parents bought me a Sega Game Gear and I loved it. I also kinda liked reading. Christmas-time, my grandparents give me conspicuously shaped present: rectangular… Maybe a GG game, or two!? I got so excited opening it… to reveal The Prince and the Pauper and The Jungle Book. I recovered quickly, to weakly exclaim “Books!”

The Game Gear sucked anyway.


How the hell does Stine not get it? Maybe he doesn’t get why it’s so popular? It’s pretty obvious why it’s funny.


English wife? I thought she was Welsh! I mean that would explain the pronunciations you quote from her. Better edit it before she reads this. :wink:



Yes they are.


Right there witcha both. Good kids. Still kids! But good ones.