Twerking robot bottom


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And no mention of the fabulous Basement Jaxx video? Shame.
(edit: vimeo version is the uncut)


The one time a .gif would really prove useful.


If you build it, they will cum?


My kingdom for a semicolon.

Twerking robot bottom; yours for $1000


So, um… Does it have… you know… orifices?
And no, I didn’t go to the source article to find out and I will not.


Mighty technical!

Can’t really make this one out:

BWHAH HAH HAH HAH. I did NOT see that ending (so to speak) coming (so to speak).


Going to mount one of those on my Prius hood [turn it on] and see what happens in rush hour traffic!


I want to see you mount it with your Priapus hood!


Don’t you mean bumper-to-bumper traffic?


Its actually sort of difficult to actually confirm if it does or not.
None of the photos on the source website actually depict the thing from an angle that would allow one to observe any theoretical orifice, and all the marketing is focused on the vibration and warming features.
Some additional digging allowed me to confirm however that it does have appropriate orifices.


Never seen that before. Awesome.


has all the info you need.


Does it really though? None of the copy mentions orifices, that huge checklist of ‘features’ doesn’t mention any. The closest I can see on that page to a confirmation of orifices is a drawing of the product… and the indicated features could just be surface molding and not enterable. I suppose ‘the water jet for cleaning’ may confirm usable orifices, but it’s still not stated outright.

Edit: The VIDEO however is very clear on the subject.



Whoah, hey – it’s on sale!

I wonder if they can get this into the BoingBoing Store…


Likely, you’ll get rear-ended!


Yup as does the second image (the diagram) on that page. Very clear.


Bang! Zoom!


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