Someone at ESPN copy and pasted the wrong link



don’t worry - a tool preventing the posting of undesirable content is coming to [your country] very soon. you won’t even need to install anything.


What are the use-cases for when someone would want to copy and paste a porn URL?

Sharing a link with a fellow enthusiast?


It’s not always porn, but the link to my @funruly cam is shared far and wide.


Ah, yes. Now I remember there were some folks at Uni who liked to exchange their opinions on the relative merits or flaws of any given film.

You can imagine where it goes from here.


Sad Trombone

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Wonder if it was from home, or work? I can imagine how mortified I’d be sending that out–points for blurring his name (though it’s not blurred on the original).

Don’t really see the need to shame the guy.

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Neither did I, so I did everything I could about it: I did not click the link to learn more.

He fixes the cable?


Simple solution, if you are too dumb to use a computer properly then don’t use your work device for porn.

Or your porn device for work.


What if every device is a porn device?

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In order to mitigate carpel tunnel pain, I use this for typing:


Or your device for porn work.

Google images knows all and sees all

An artificial penis has a cylinder having a cylinder wall enclosing a hollow, a front wall with a first opening and a rear wall with a second opening. A piston rod is guided within the hollow. The piston rod has an initial position in which a first cylinder space is at a maximum and a second cylinder space is at a minimum and an extended position in which the first cylinder space is at a minimum and the second cylinder space at a maximum. A pump supplies a fluid under pressure to move the piston rod in an extending direction. An enclosure having an outer shape of a penis encloses the cylinder and the end of the piston rod. The enclosure has an initial position when the pump is released and an extended position when the pump is actuated.

Speak english, you fucking patent lawyers!


In the face (har har) of these contraptions, what better way to concentrate on the puzzle of an absolute speed of light? Better concentration through opacity.

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