to delete archives and silence streams containing music




I wonder if that includes games that contain music - or just videos with added music? I don’t suppose the robots can tell the difference.


I have almost no interest in watching other people play videos games, or streaming the rare instance of me playing. However, it seems like this is the point where folks who do enjoy such things quickly decide that is no longer a worthwhile service.


this is probably google’s fault because of the acquisition.


They’ve already managed to mute one of their own weekly shows, videos of a game (Crypt of the Necrodancer) where the only music was from the (produced in-house) game soundtrack which the devs have not submitted to any Content ID type system, and videos with music that has been specifically cleared for use by the artist.


Further stupidification of ‘copyright enforcement’. Twitch will basically be silent.


saw this coming miles away. there goes every bedroom DJ stream, some of whom have paid license fees to broadcast copyrighted works. these copyright goons are becoming too accustomed to double-dipping.


All future broadcasts will be mimed


“VOD” is past recordings that have been saved to a playlist that viewers can view whenever they want. It’s not live streams. Live streams won’t be silenced [yet].


We have the technology, we can silence all


I’ve already heard reports of streams being silenced because of the in-game music…and Youtube’s Content ID is pretty bloody awful, so I’d expect Twitch’s to be no better.


They only do the audio muting for Video on demand streams, not live streams (which are a majority of content). So it’s basically similar to what YouTube does already, only that YT blocks the entire video and Twitch only silences the audio for a while…


Is there any way we could get the estate of John Cage interested in this? Maybe issue some takedowns for the silence that Twitch are inserting?


… they’re going to broadcast silent video game streams. What fun

Aww, c’mon. Look on the bright side. Loads of gigs for piano players and sign-writers.


I’ve tried this before but they aren’t interested unless the material lasts a specific duration, one avoided by most film makers. You might catch an unwary one though.


Oh god, imagine Salty Bet without the jukebox…


Yeah, didn’t think it would be that easy. :frowning:
I just like the idea of automated take-down bots arguing with automated content recognition bots.


Don’t worry, maybe in thirty years time they’ll reinvent “talkies”.


This’d really do wonders for Guitar Hero.


Well, that does it.

I’m going to publish and copyright 599 separate works of music, one for each one second increment in the range of 1 second to 10 minutes, carefully omitting the increment covered by the prior work of John Cage.

Then I will be able to slap DMCA notices on anyone who dares leave a moment of silence in any published work that contains audio.

Collaborators needed!