Twitter account memorializes Holocaust victims turned away from America in 1939

Possibly a misunderstanding. The Verfassungsschutz (among others) is responsible for “observing” terroristic groups. “Beobachtet durch den Verfassungsschutz” (observed by the Verfassungsschutz) is a fixed/common term and means “investigated”. The Verfassungschutz is known for its tendency to infiltrate such groups.


I can definitely see confusion over translation here. I hope the German government now moves to actively prosecuting these militias out of existence before it’s too late.

So powerful. Pay attention America.

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They still do from time to time. Hotel Rwanda was a similarly chilling reflection on “we could have helped stop this horror and didn’t.”


My name is Michael. I am jewish.

 According to my family history, my grandmother and her family came over to Canada on one of the last boats from Europe.   The next boat full of Jewish refugees were turned back because Canada developed a "none is too many" attitude, and they were killed.

When I heard about this Muslim ban, I got furious and I remember my grandmother's story and  know I should do something to help people in the same boat.

Being jewish means nothing if you do not remember what happened to us in the diaspora and use that to strengthen your resolve to fight persecution and make the world a better place.

A third of my wife’s family is Paraguayan via Panama from a journey like this. At least everyone didn’t turn their backs.


Quick story, hopefully relevant. My son’s best friend, who lives in a Southern US town, had a debate in his 8th grade class. Let’s call his friend Tahoe because I’m still reading romance novels for research to hopefully write my own some day and you wouldn’t believe the names. Anyway, Tahoe has a German mother and an American father and he’s been raised on both continents.

The debate was about the confederate flag in the US. Tahoe’s opponent was Vicious (seriously, another name I’ve encountered during “research”).

Vicious: I display the confederate flag to honor my forefathers.
Tahoe: My forefathers were Nazis. We don’t honor that flag.

So succinct, from my son’s 14-year-old friend. The Confederate flag, the swastika, whatever Trump is waving – We. Don’t. Honor. That.


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