Twitter co-founder Ev Williams says Fox News is "much, much more powerful and much more destructive than Twitter"


Not even close to most. They don’t even have 1% of the population viewing during prime time, and they’ve never come close to outperforming the major networks. I do wish Fox News was less popular, but your claim goes beyond hyperbole.


I’ve always said that they probably pad out their numbers by being played in waiting rooms across rural America…


It’s not specific to any ‘Murican sub-pop.

So they admit that they’re shit but say Twitter is shittier. That still makes you shit. That doesn’t seem like a great defence.

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You don’t spend much time in rural America do you? It’s on everywhere.

You know nothing about me, and how does that refute the evidence that I provided?

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It’s the Intertubes fault. People get their twitter updates from tube stations like this one.
And he doesn’t know if having the POTUS using your platform makes your app more profitable? Pardon my credulity but I find that hard to believe.

Trump just out of bed, before his quoiffure is reset:


My gut feeling is that media BS notwithstanding, Williams is correct. Thoughts?

Turmp’s twitter is routinely circulated throughout news channels and organizations that have nothing to do with Fox News.

It doesn’t matter if more people watch Fox; Twitter extends the fascist’s reach because they refuse to enforce their own TOS in the name of his “notability.” The rest of the Media is complicit as well, but it starts at Twitter.


Fox is more than Trump. It created and maintains a toxic environment that’s far more than Trump’s vile shit. They made and make Donnie possible. Trump will be done by January 2025 or sooner. I’d daresay Fox will still be around (presuming its audience hasn’t literally died off before then).

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And then Zuckerberg came out the other day saying that facebooks spends more on cleaning up the facebook stream than Twitter’s entire earnings or somesuch.

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