Twitter fact-checks Trump tweet for first time

I can’t say this is worse than if they hadn’t done it, but… fuck.

You have to be very, very plugged in to this exact millisecond in history – and psychotically disconnected from every other moment in history – to not see how fucked up Twitter’s overall position is. This person has used the platform they chose to give him to spread thousands of destructive, racist, antisocial, panic-mongering, misogynistic, seditious, inhumane, stupid, dangerous and otherwise bad messages, for free, to a massive audience that wouldn’t have seen any of it otherwise. There aren’t words to express how insignificant these new puling footnotes are compared to that larger reality.

Twitter could have simply cut him off in 2015. They could have said “we are not interested in being in the Donald Turmp business”, and that would be the end of the matter. So fucking what if it’s not impartial. Twitter isn’t the phone company, it’s an experiment, and they have chosen to be an experiment in the collapse of democracy. If you seriously think this has equal weight with half-baked nineties dorm-room arguments about internet freedom, you are not hooked up right.

Does Twitter concede that Turmp’s lies and rabble-rousing are dangerous? Or do they think it’s right to go to work every day to help him do it? This a binary choice. Can we please by Christ’s wounds stop indulging excuses about it?


If he doesn’t like it he can find another service.


I hear gab is looking for something to boost their profile since the rest of the fediverse blocked their asses when they adopted the Mastodon software…


He wanted to Not See it, because it was unfair to right-wing extremists.


Yeah, there’s no way this is going to be sustainable even if Twitter doesn’t chicken out. It would take multiple full-time staffers just to stay on top of fact-checking Trump alone, and if they don’t apply the same diligence to other public figures then it’s going to raise accusations of partisanship even among reasonable people.

As you say, they should have deleted his account for violating the Terms of Service years ago. Now they’re in so deep they have nothing but a handful of terrible options to choose from.

I’m 100% serious about burning Twitter to the ground.


Social media giants are the new Big Tobacco.


And not just any staffers. Probably some top-notch legal talent and good researchers. (Then again, think on how much they’ve made from Trump on their platform.)


Can’t they simply just apply this label to everything he tweets? Maybe have a 'bot go back and do it to all his earlier tweets? As far as I can tell, the only thing he ever tweeted that wasn’t false or misleading was “Covfefe”.


Yet another hidden-in-plain-sight order to supporters to compromise results and create confusion in November by robbing mailboxes in ‘brown’ neighborhoods and by creating/stuffing ballots. Think it won’t happen? Think that even one incident of this won’t be spun and used to sow confusion and be twisted to Trump’s advantage?



Trump’s tweet are considered to be part of the official presidential archive in the Library of Congress and can’t be deleted. That’s why nothing is removed and they couldn’t just ban him outright.


They can just keep doing the whole lot of nothing that they have done in the over 10 years he’s been on Twitter spouting his hateful bile.


Oh geez here we go. Now where will we find out about presidential policy?! It got so much more nuanced when they bumped tweets up to 280 characters!

Man, I really do hope he’ll quit Twitter in a huff. If nothing else, it means I won’t have my newsfeed clogged with reposts of people arguing with his tweets. Twitter used to at least be entertaining. Now it’s 90% political echo chamber, no matter how carefully you choose who to follow.

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Yet he deletes tweets constantly.

He does not give two shits about presidential record keeping.


Yeah - he doesn’t even have the wit to be a Deagol. He’s almost tall enough to be a troll. They were quite dim.


But then they’d be doing Nothing, and they’re actually, finally, doing Something!

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I believe he subsequently made sure they fired those guys. So no one is keeping the records, now.


The government is supposed to keep the records, not a private company. The President is entitled to keep a copy of everything he writes, like anybody else, and, as @ficuswhisperer said, he is legally required to preserve and maintain those records. Twitter is free to delete his tweets or to ban him from the platform for not complying with the terms of service that he agreed to when he signed in.


Not quite useless. It may have no real effect, but no-one’s opinion should be beyond question, and they are actually doing it, yaaay.

No, seriously, I believe the whole balance of what is versus what you are supposed to believe must be swayed by little things like this, and we should celebrate it.

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If I had the billions necessary, I’d buy Twitter and just shut it down. I wish Bezos had done that instead of buy the Washington Post.


It’s only “Political” now because americans have allowed the fascist right to politicize every neutral topic down to how often and short you should trim your toenails.

If there’s anything the right is good at, it’s shutting down discourse and disenfranchisement of voters. And allowing those nazi freaks to politicize practically every topic ever means that there’s no room for people to disagree civilly. It’s all dogwhistles now. Because nobody had the guts and the will to shut down all the bullshit when it started.

Saying “oh we have to listen to the nazis. We have to be nice to them. Otherwise they won’t be nice to us” as if fascist sociopaths ever intend to be a part of civil society in the first place.