Twitter is broken - new posts not appearing

No company is going to admit they were hit with a DDOS, but that’s exactly what this looked like, and the timing is very curious given all that happened yesterday.


Its the DNS’s which are vulnerable and I believe Amazon have a solution where you run their DNS and make use of built in DDOS protection.

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Sadly, Twitter is functional again:

You do realise that without it Xeni is entirely unable to assemble any posts for the blog?

Seems like several earlier posters would take that hit. :wink:

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“how about some coffee, johnny?” “no thanks!”

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What a choice, vote for a Crazy Uncle or Mr. Rodgers?


I think that’s Cloudflare, not Amazon. Still a shit company though, just a different one.

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No our solution is on AWS but the ops guys who put it together do all the AWS certification/advertising courses.

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