Twitter reinstates Politiwoops, account that tracked politicians' gaffes

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I once featured in a Politiwhoops tweet when Michael Fabricant tweeted something unguarded about his Labour opponent (while he was drinking in a pub run by his UKIP opponent) in the run up to last year’s election in a reply to me. Evidently he decided against keeping the tweet up the morning after.

I hope politicians will continue to keep being more candid on twitter. I can’t stand the bland PR-managed accounts.


Yes, but whenever they are candid they are held up to public ridicule, and usually rightly so.

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The public needs to change.

I don’t think we will, but I wish we would.


So is it Politiwoops, Politiwhoops or Politwoops?

Looks like it should be

Is it better for the democracy if we don’t laugh at our politicos because we’re denied unsanitized parts of their speech, or when we laugh at them because we know what they are?


I am always pro-laughter, even when my own party is the butt monkey, which is often.

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