Twitter says it's ok to compare Jews to insects, for now

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But they sure stomped out that NPC thing. Good work, Twitter!


When you need proof that religion brings out the worst in humans, they supply it.


Yup, best wait for that policy. “termites” - it’s just so darned hard to decide if that is bad.

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“Religion brings out the worst…humans”


Wait? Termite? Is this progress? Not cockroaches? Termites are like natures most prolific builders. :confused: /s


Twitter says it’s letting the comment stand because its policy on dehumanizing tweets is not yet in effect.

My position still stands. Twitter: hapless techies working for feckless managers.

Farrakhan is a known anti-Semite and hatemonger. Taking down his comment or deleting his entire account would be a no-brainer for a responsible company.


Termites, not all bad.


Worse yet, this allows other racist assholes to point to this and say that “Twitter is racist because it only applies these rules to white people.” I get so tired of racists claiming racism for being called out as racists.


When I was a teen, thanks to an unstable and constantly shifting home life I was exposed to a number of different people and cultures. It was then that I realized I shouldn’t hate entire groups of people. Almost no matter the group*, there’s someone decent in it. It may take some looking, but I’m certain they are there.

So instead, I hate on an individual level.

That said, I guess the urge to rhyme runs deep in the core of some people, no matter how stupid the comparison ends up being. Maybe this was his way of announcing that he’s taking a side job as the Orkin Man?

_*excluding literal hate groups. Those I will hate from the bottom to the top and back down again. Nothing about the circumstance of your existence gives you the right to threaten any other person’s existence; I don’t give a damned how special you think you are.


Twitter: Nazis haven’t said anything banworthy
Me: Nazis, fuck off
Twitter: banned


Yup, exactly my point.

yes they are, but this assholes thinking behind it is as simple as his antisemitism; they also feed off your “house” around you and you cant get rid of them once they are in. (yes, I saw your /s).

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In fairness, if you are voluntarily part of an overt hate group, the hating of that group collectively is not meaningfully different than hating each member individually. Unlike some elected officials, I do not believe there are, in fact, any “fine” Nazis.


You bring up a solid point. When I hate someone – and I really don’t hate very often – I like to give it my all, and that’s far less draining to do at the individual level. I like to bring an artisanal level of quality to my wrath.


Farrakhan uses the same dog whistle bullshit that brings out the worst in people and the best in cash. IQ45 is the role model for this kind of vulgarity not that anyone really needs guidance to the bottom.


Stay classy, Twitter! After all, if the Bully in Chief can stay on your service without fear of being banned, surely so can Minister Farrakhan.


I typically like to distribute my innate hate in a gentle bell curve. Since November 8, 2016, my hatred has a spike in the middle that I can’t seem to do anything about. Unfortunately, the Orange Menace sucks up so much of my hate energy these days, I have to piece together enough hatred to cover the rest of the despots, liars, crooks and charlatans. Sad.

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6 σ Misanthropy?


This is my first encounter with this nickname. Maybe Mario Rubio can try out this one in the next debate.