Twitter tells facial-recognition app maker to stop scraping photos, Clearview AI used by 600+ US law enforcement agencies

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Nice of them. Be even nicer of them to boot the Nazis off the platform though.


Hm. Create swarms of poisonbots accounts?

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It’s also a violation of Facebook policy, but I’m guessing they’re going to continue being silent on the issue because Thiel is backing Clearview…

Would have been nicer if they had done it long before now. At this point, Clearview don’t need the pictures - they only need the derived data, the formulae that describe faces. They probably deleted the pictures long ago, even…


Would that data be considered a derivative work and therefore a copyright violation?

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I think that would be a difficult argument to make. At least, I would hope so - not for this particular situation, but in general, as it would open up a can of worms that would make copyright even more insanely over-encompassing. Not that Twitter wants to make it (or legally could, as the photos aren’t theirs), and would be difficult for all the users whose images were appropriated to make (you’d have to establish that your particular image was used, for one).

All Clearview has to do is just reply that they’re all Nazis and this will all go away.

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