Twitter updates terms of service to allow it to use posts and user data to train AI

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I deleted my Twitter account not long after Musk took over, fired most of the employees, and started letting racists run rampant. My only regret for doing so is that I can’t delete it again every time he does some new bone-headed, privacy-invading, dystopic overlord change to the service.


Wonderful. A large language model that inherently cannot understand the meaning of words, developed by a free speech absolutist who promotes neo Nazis and trained on Twitter.

What could possibly go wrong?


We have first-hand experience to give us the answer to that question.


Also if you post anything on the service now you are giving them the right to freely use your shit


I don’t trust Musk or Twitter but I’d be surprised if this is more than a clarification than a sea change in policy. Most services you use including commercial ones that you pay for retain the right to use information to improve services. The only place I’m aware of with explicit AI restrictions are Zoom and certain commercial instances of actual AI tools (e.g., OpenAI).

From the BB TOS:

“By submitting User Content, you grant us an unlimited license to use your content in any way we choose. This includes creative uses such as republishing the work on our ad-supported Website, forums, and elsewhere, and practical uses such as copying your content to make back ups of it, displaying it on the website, and distributing and modifying it as needed to make the Site work.”


Now how to bend this into something useful:

  1. While using guest wireless at Mar-A-Lardo, (or at his NJ property) while he is present.
  2. Register a new X/Twitter account with the handle P01135809
  3. Post some utterly insane “incriminating” content throwing Individual 45 under the bus.
  4. Thank (Backhandedly) Elon Musk for his work in making X/Twitter a “safe” insane asylum for like minded individuals, and that he is welcome to join this “support group.”

That’s been in the Twitter ToS since 2009:

By submitting, posting or displaying Content on or through the Services, you grant us a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license (with the right to sublicense) to use, copy, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, publish, transmit, display and distribute such Content in any and all media or distribution methods (now known or later developed).

It’s also on pretty much every other social media service in existence including Disqus and thus this very board.

Without this, we couldn’t communicate since Disqus wouldn’t have the right to reproduce my comment and display it to you or vice-versa.


I think I was way ahead of the times with this, now regrettably all too plausible, 2017 post:

walkswithdave on Tumblr


Ugh. I stopped using the service after the takeover, but all my old stuff is sitting there. Anyone know of a free tool to delete all your old tweets?

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Disqus, Discord, and Discourse are different things


Doh I absolutely confused which one was used here. That said, discourse has the same thing in their ToS as well, albeit a friendlier sounding version rather than legalese.


Must admit i delayed doing so out of a mix a laziness and curiosity watching the carcrash unfold. But i really now don’t regret recently deleting my account :slight_smile:


I wonder how useful an AI trained on 140 character statements could possibly be. What would the application of such an AI be, other than composing (bigoted) tweets?


Just what we need. A Nazi A.I.


Jokes in thrm. I tweeted like 5 times and all my followers were already bots.


The insane manner in which he has destroyed Twitter has completely put me off of ever buying a Tesla, or products from any of his ventures.


… he built a hell of a personal brand to go with his fortune and then just threw it away for no reason, to impress babymen on 4chan :confused:


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