Twitter temporarily suspends Alex Jones

If the flames don’t work, try a chainsaw… screw it, just start right in with a blazing chainsaw! Better safe than sorry.



Perhaps somewhat relevant:


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Chainsaw? Not metal enough.

Flaming chainsaw? Getting better, but not quite there.

Flaming chainsword? That’s the ticket.

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I thought the difference was that a battle rifle is a select-fire weapon firing a full-size rifle cartridge (e.g. M-14 or FN-FAL) while an assault rifle fires an intermediate cartridge (AK-47 or M-16).

Neither is easily available to civilians in the US. Semi-automatic versions of both are.

I think they’re worried that if they are seen to follow their own ToS and (even temporarily) ban a prominent promulgator of hate, lies and conspiracy shit, people will start expecting, even demanding they do it again. And that means they might lose the whole right-wing crank audience, from the GamerGate assholes and petty alt-right peddlers of hate, to major conspiracy-mongers, to the Orange Occupant of Oval Office himself!


How sad.

9 characters worth of sad.

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I didn’t know how far to push the geekery :wink:

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