X temporarily suspended Ron DeSantis Never Back Down account (on same day as debate)

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It will never cease to be funny that Elon made such a mess of the rebranding that all these weeks later they’re still calling themselves “Twitter.” Nobody tried using “Find and Replace”?


Elon hoped Ron might be electable as more competent fascist, but he was disappointed by the latter’s complete inability to connect with most humans. This is Musk expressing that disappointment and moving back to Biff (with the help of the frozen food fascist).


I wonder if the rule they broke has to do with using bots to inflate the follower numbers?


As we (sadly) know tucker-carlson and trump recorded a trump i’m-the-victim interview to air exactly when “the rest” will be debating on fox"news". One lingering question was on what ‘media channel’ was this fine bit of tucker-sh1t-eating going to appear. It appears it’ll be on XmuskTwit (honestly didn’t even know that it had streaming capacity. shows what i know in 140 characters). So(ooo)… perhaps there’s a connection between this and TwitmuskX “temporarily suspending desantis”? maybe.


I would say so, except the platform is so rickety now that I don’t know that anything is intentional.

I do look forward to Twitter completely going down either minutes before or a minute into the Trump interview.




Elon: “You puny fools think YOU’RE in charge?”
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My impression is that musk is doing this intentionally to DeSantis. First he screwed up his campaign launch. Now this.
I am sure TFG’s interview will stream soothly though.

ETA: I don’t know for sure the interview will be on X. Wouldn’t that conflict with terms TFG has with (non)truth social?


Concerning. /s


It’s good to see that Musk is bringing “free speech rights” to the app formerly known as Twitter.


I doubt it, because it’s an interview with a “journalist” - it’s Tucker’s show, not Trump’s so I don’t think that being in it would be a conflict.

Though, I am hoping that everything that he says is a violation of his other restrictions…


I’m going to guess that tucks will say all the things TFG can’t. In his just asking questions way, of course.

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Here’s hoping, though. Over the decades as conservatives have gone all in trying to litigate and ban anything that they do not like, we’ve discovered that many things are speech. T-shirts, flipping off a cop, and so on.

I am hoping that nodding in vigorous agreement while Tucker Carlson says things that would get Trump in trouble if he said them he is not going to go well.

I just wish it was live. Because you know that they’re going to cut out all of the incredibly incriminating or violating things that he says in the interview. Maybe the raw tapes will come out! I’ll take that over a pee tape any day!

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Is this the superPAC that embarrassed Ron by (accidentally?) making public their recommended debate strategy for him? (Among other issues, if he was seen following certain advice, he would look robotic, if he failed to follow the advice, he’d look incompetent/inhuman.) Taking it down the day of the debate could actually help Ron, if so. So either we have a conspiracy of Elno trying (incompetently) to help his buddy Ron, or it’s just more Twitter dysfunction. Given the state of Twitter, it’s probably the latter…


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