Twitter uses 'manipulated media' label for first time on clipped Biden video RTd by by Trump

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How many times did we need to see the same image/video/tweet in one post? This was tiresome.


Twitter’s rollout of the label was not without technical glitches, however. The label was not showing up when people searched for Scavino’s tweet, though Twitter spokeswoman Katie Rosborough said it was appearing in individuals’ timelines. She added that the company is working on a fix.

A lot of Redditors were seizing on this, claiming the label wasn’t applied. I guess it’s because most people don’t follow either President Biff or his lackey if they can avoid it.*

*Me included, to be honest, just seeing their bullshit second hand gives me the jibblies!


It took 18 hours to label it as fake? It might as well have been a million years. The damage is already done.


That edit was a scumbag move this marker by Twitter is a long time in coming. Seems like it should also come with a link to the unedited video, however.

I wonder if Twitter will retroactively apply this marker to previously posted items? There’s been a lot of videos shown over the last few years where seeing what happened just prior to the video or just after the video created a new context to understand the events depicted.


The “Manipulated media” label is the same size and color as the hashtags and beneath the video. Its the least salient part of the post. How about large, red font above the video. This seems like the only point is to be able to say they did something without actually doing something


With Trump’s Twitter history, I don’t know why Trump’s posts wouldn’t come with this by default, with the onus on them for arguing why they should be able to strip it off, post by post.

…Unless Twitter doesn’t track user behavior stats or something, and I mean, why would they, really? /s

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Speaking of manipulation, check out this insanely manipulated example from the so-called “Make Black America Great Again” booklet.

Margaret Sanger supposedly saying, “…we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

Actual quote: “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population…”

Simply disgusting and reprehensible.


by by Trump

I wish!


Won’t someone think of the infantile right wingers who are so impressionable they really believed Biden wanted Trump re-elected?

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I think the main issue is that it places more work on the reviewer, who most likely has only an 8 hour shift with no overtime pay to go through hundreds of thousands of reported links. That’s why they only have the tag “manipulated” instead of more exact tagging of how the video was edited or manipulated.

Maybe. But for a reviewer to know it was manipulated requires having the original source to compare with. I mean, I don’t actually know that but seems a reasonable guess unless the reviewer is just guessing. So why not just give us the link to the original? I mean, I know cut/paste technology hasn’t advanced much in 35 years, but CTRL+C, CTRL+V isn’t really that hard.

Not really. A video may be deduced as manipulated without having to view the original. Or multiple originals.

But there is another issue here that you are ignoring, the question of which hosted version of the video to link to? Do you favour the BBC over CNN, or CBS over NBC? And if the source demands royalties? Or if the manipulated video was a malicious editing out of different sources? A simple copy and paste isn’t so simple, and opens far more legal issues than a simple “manipulated” tag.

No, I disagree here. The reviewer does not need to show their homework, and shouldn’t add to the tweet. The reviewer has thousands to wade through, let’s not overengineer the task.

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