Twitter will die of boredom

Their timeline view will plunge into the abyss as Musk adjusts priorities with a heavy hand.

If they can keep ignoring that, it’s The Triumph of Willful Blindness.


Far-right facists don’t want social media as a way to talk to each other, they want social media to give them access to victims. When vulnerable targets don’t join (or leave in the case of Twitter) the conservatives are left standing around with baseball bats and no one to hit.


Twitter is only fun for sociopaths and those fuckers get bored easy.

But that’s the demographic Twitter chose to cater to and it’s the one that best reflects twitters chief twit and god emperor so…


Dis somebody just say Triumph of the Will ?

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Nextdoor is totally local though, isn’t it?

Yeah, but the amount of horrible shit that can be packed into your immediate neighborhood is astonishing. You’ll quickly learn how many of your neighbors panic every time they see a black person (spoiler: the results will depress, though probably not surprise you).


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