Twitter's anti-Nazi policies result bans on pictures of anti-Nazi books

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Moderation is hard, yo. If it’s not shitty algorithms swallowing content that isn’t meant to be moderated, it is shitty people custom crafting things that skirt the moderation.


Reminds me of the ‘adult content’ filters that remove legitimate information about birth control and such topics. Is this a feature or a bug?

Also: the problem is not Twitter’s moderation. The problem is Twitter.


It all makes sense when you remember that Jack is a fucking Nazi.


Why does this feel like an intentional and disdainful “that’s what you wanted, right?!? you greedy SJW pains-in-my-profit-margin”


It’s certainly the line right-wingers take in these topics, every time. Someone else can post the xkcd and Popper’s Paradox cartoons this time.


Moderation’s biggest problem is that it doesn’t scale well. Once your community includes everybody, then it’s impossible to exclude some viewpoint without alienating some members of the community.

Sure, let the pedo-nazis cry salty tears you say. But innocents always get caught in the crossfire. Moderation is war. War is hell.


Headline is probably missing a preposition and needs one replacing. Took me a while trying to parse it before it made sense.

“Twitter’s anti-Nazi policies result in bans of pictures of anti-Nazi books”?

I’ll wear an “SJW pain-in-your-profit-margin” label with pride and my reaction is “That’s what you wanted right?”

Or more specifically “I know this isn’t what you wanted but it is what you demanded and the only possible outcome, and when this was pointed out you accused those speaking up of being crypto-fascists”.

It all makes sense when you remember that Jack is a fucking Nazi.

A) Twitter is run by right wing tech bros, who don’t want to moderate and when they do, do so with very strong right wing biases.

B) Moderation at scale is a fucking mess and false positives are high, it is well studied how these false positives disproportionately effect people who study/discuss/fight the very things being moderated and those with less privilege in general.

So what is a good way to try and convince people that A+B+Public pressure to exert more power will have bad results? Because I’m convinced it always will, I’m on your side, and there are other tactics that can work.

It definitely feels like a "The laws of mathematics are very commendable, but the only law that applies in Australia is the law of Australia.” type situation a lot of the time, which is a bummer.

Automated content moderation just doesn’t work. Moderating is one of the jobs bosses can’t buy robots to replace people with yet. Now if you just want a censor robots are extremely good at that.

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