Two carjackers force a driver out of the car, then realize they can't drive a stick shift (video)

I knew there would be a YouTube for it.


The boys — 16 and 17 — were later caught after a short chase by police, and arrested as adults.

Uh, if they were 16 and 17 when the chase started, and adults when they were arrested, that doesn’t sound like a short chase to me. Have to admire the persistence of the cops, though. A lot of people would have given up after the first six months of continuous pursuit.

I’ve heard of kids being “charged as adults”, but “arrested as adults” is a new one to me. Is that a real thing, or is it sloppy journalism?


A few months ago on a family vacation it turned out the only available rental vehicle (in another country, not the U.S.) was a manual, so it was helpful to have the muscle memory to draw on, that is true. But recently I had to drive a loaner car that had the newfangled shuts-off-whenever-you-stop system, and I had to drive in major rush hour traffic, which reminded me how absolutely frustrating it is to drive a stick shift anyplace where you have to stop and start a lot around other vehicles.

Put me in the ‘isn’t it nice we have options?’ column.


Similar experience. When we lived in England, and wanted to rent a car, the cheapest options were manual. “No problem,” I thought. I’d been driving manual for a couple decades.

Heh. It was a learning experience, for sure. Second gear was always tough – my left hand kept wanting to pull the stick towards me, and it would land in 3rd.

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Archery amateur here, so, snigs from me!

My second snort of the thread, many thanks.



Why, yes, I can!


Not bad, but…what’s that thing you’re sitting on? Back in the good old days, the Parthians used to get by with just a cloth.


In that driver’s situation, would I be incapacitated from laughing or too full of adrenaline to laugh?

Wouldn’t it be dangerous to shoot an arrow backwards from a bow – usually you want the pointy end of the stick to travel away from you?


I’ve always owned cars with stick shifts and prefer the relative simplicity, reliability and low maintenance of a manual transmission. I’ve put well over a million miles on my vehicles over the years all on sticks. My current truck is approaching 20 years old and has what I call a “tractor clutch” which is quite stiff and requires a bit of effort to shift.

Working from home now I don’t find myself sitting in rush hour traffic as much anymore but late one night last summer I was headed out to a camping trip and encountered a terrible backup on the highway due to a crash. After two hours of inching along I was most definitely cursing my vehicle choices.


This reminds me when I was on a business trip to Atlanta in the 1980’s. I got to the very remote spot where my rental car was, opened the door and - lo and behold! A stick! It made me think of Planes, Trains and Automobiles - “You’re F@cked!” Except I wasn’t. I’ve driven a stick since high school! I had a good belly laugh, though.


Even experienced manual car drivers used to shake their heads when faced with the cheaper end of the French car market


I too have a weak left leg, so learning NOW would be a PITA.

I did try to move a parked car once, and just wasn’t able.I know in theory how to do it - but didn’t have the practice to make it happen.

Fortunately, I don’t steal cars, so this will never be a problem for me.


Whoa! That’s beyond “three on the tree!”


What car does that and why? It would be infuriating to do that in stop and go traffic, not to mention putting wear on your starter.


Remembering my one and only time trying to drive a “three on the tree”. It was not easy or fun. Of course, it was a first run without any explanation or training.


It’s a gasoline-saving innovation, and I guess it does save a minuscule amount of gas each time. But yeah, it’s bothersome in stop-&-go traffic, I’ll tell you that.

Seems to be on a lot of newer cars. This one happened to be one of the nicer Subarus (maybe an Outback?), but it’s not like I was driving a luxury car.


My history buff dad and myself watched 300 together in the theaters. There’s one scene where a soldier jumps on a horse and rides away, my dad leans over and whispers “anachronism, they didn’t have stirrups back then”.


If your dad leaned over every time something was incorrect in that movie then I feel bad for his back.


OMG! There’s the high-beams button just in front of the shift, like I remember!!!


There was a lot, but that’s one I hadn’t realized, and he really enjoyed pointing that one out.