Two different perspectives on a new study of breastfeeding outcomes

I had midwives attend my daughter’s birth and I was kind of bought into their whole line of BS. I was all set to have those important first few moments of bonding you can’t get at the hospital. I ended up with the student midwife taking, I kid you not, one hour to sew one teeny tear and my daughter’s dad spent that first hour holding her.

It was not by the textbook, but I had the next 4 months off work and I can tell you, she and I bonded and bonded and bonded, but he had to return to work right away and that one hour meant the world to him. For me, that stuff that gets released when you nurse left me so stoned feeling that I just watched TV with her for those 4 months (mostly fix-up-the-house shows- I can now completely renovate a house at least in my mind.) I am sure we bonded but we also just vegged out a lot too. You can probably do the same with a bottle.

That… It… I… It’s beautiful…

Speaking as a parent of a nearly-5-year-old and a nearly-2-year old, exactly this. While we generally work pretty hard to get our kids to eat healthy, good food when we’re at home (and it can be real work), sometimes when you’re out for dinner at a restaurant with the kids, you don’t want to have to fight with them to get them to eat.

Edit, because I missed this response when I was composing my reply:

The Works is a bit overpriced, but their burgers are pretty tasty. I was thrilled when one opened up only 10 minutes away from me, but I have yet to go there because there is always a line out the door (I first tried this burger several years ago at one of their Ottawa locations). I shall enjoy a KD burger again some day, oh yes I shall.

Right. I’ma make some kind of gourmet deep-fried mac & cheese real soon. It is my mission to do so. A fist-sized ball of it, filled with fondue or weapons-grade Camembert or somesuch. Oh, yes. It’s inventing time…

If you do, please post the recipe. :slight_smile: I’m going scouring the net for fried mac and cheese ball recipes now.

I reckon if you formed it into a ball, with the camembert in the centre, maybe in something like a sugar-bowl to hold the shape, then refrigerated (ore even partly froze) them, then bred & deep fry, it would work. Mind you, I’ve had terrible accidents with arancini had air pockets in 'em I didn’t know about, so it might get a little explodey…

Breastfeeding thread has turned into discussion on how to make deep fried mac-n-cheese balls. Wow.


Hey. It’s weaning, okay?


Humans are weird, fo’ sho’

And don’t even pretend you don’t want to know if they work or not…

Those aren’t the type of balls I eat.


Posted just as I was branching the conversation off into a new thread, to avoid further derailment.

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Feel free to start one! A recipes thread like this would be great!

I did! :slight_smile: And now my healthy dinner tonight is looking a lot less fun.

Now this is what I have come to expect from, and love about, the BoingBoing community. Other forums get invective. We get mac n’ cheese balls.


Well, and a soupçon of cray-cray, but hey. DEEP FRIED CHEESE THINGS!!!

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Dairy is dairy.

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A friend of mine let me try breast milk once. It takes you back, so it does…

And now an opportunity to link to another Steve Don’t Eat it! post…

I’ve had deep fried mac and cheese balls as an amuse bouche somewhere before (I think it was Canlis in Seattle, but I might be wrong). And they’re yummy.

LOL! Never had it, myself.