Two guys switch places in the driver's seat and freak out the drive-up window people


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Interestingly, this probably only worked because the two people were if different ethnicities — otherwise, the majority of the servers probably wouldn’t have noticed at all.

Actually, people are at their absolute worse at detecting the change if it’s between two people who are from a different group than then, be it race, sex, age, or something else. A young white man would have almost no chance noticing that two elderly black ladies had swapped, for instance.


I liked his invisible driver prank better:

Also, the floating cup one isn’t too bad:


I think it’s funny that he’s messed with these establishments so much that some of the employees are catching on to his shenanigans.


That was funny. I love a good prank where nobody gets hurt.


haha why i dont work at fas tfood


They hurt these poor people reality perceptors, who will pay for this and how?


best one was the girl who just realized exactly what the end game was “Wait…I’m on YouTube right now, aren’t i.”



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