Two-headed snake drinking water


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So many questions. Like, which head decides where the rest of the body goes?


Maybe this snake is just the tongue of a meta-snake.


If the snake is female, the bigger head.
Otherwise, the smaller head.


The heads fight with each other over food, so they need to be fed very carefully.


Isn’t it a little insensitive to call them a “two-headed snake?” You wouldn’t call conjoined human twins a two-headed person.

I mean, I would, but I’m kind of an asshole that way.


Technically its ‘amelanistic’, (lacking in black) rather than albino (lacking all colour). I knows because I used to have a pair of corn snakes with the exact same colouration (but only one head each).


:musical_note: It’s a two-headed snake/ Look into it’s eyes/ oh oh oh :musical_note:




I suppose, since they share a body, one can’t be the designated driver.


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All I know are terms for people with two faces.

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Sorry. Not one to make political statements offen. Saw it as a straight line and reacted. Mean thing to say about the snake. D’oh!


Yes, please think of the snakes!

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It looked like the one on the left had greater control over where the body goes.