Two monkeys disappeared from the Dallas Zoo — believed to be stolen

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Maybe a dozen years ago an idjit stole a monkey named “Banana Sam” from the San Francisco Zoo. The story got a ton of coverage and the Zoo promised not to press charges if the money was returned unharmed. Eventually some guy came forward claiming he saw the monkey in a park and coaxed it into his backpack. I don’t think anyone believed him, especially since he was covered in doubtlessly-deserved monkey bites, but there was much celebration to have Sam returned unharmed. Sam was a relatively common squirrel monkey though so he may not have had as much value on the black market as a couple of emperor tamarins.


Just FYI, the stock photo on this post does not show Emperor tamarins like the ones missing from the Dallas Zoo, but Cotton-top tamarins.


There’s something very wrong with people.
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Exotic pets are a very lucrative business, whether it’s legal or not. :man_shrugging:

A person I went to school with around 5th grade was sentenced for stealing snakes/frogs from the Sedgwick County Zoo back in the early 80s, when it was a newish, state-of-the-art facility. I surmise they caught him through the use of CCTV. I think some thieves are such opportunists that they don’t think things through before doing stupid stuff.


I hate Texas monkey nappers. Hopefully the monks gave the bastard a lot of bites and scratches, maybe even some M-pox.

This is the serial creative nonfiction Dallas needs. If it ends in the Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy characters almost being on the outs when they get the monkeys returned or Colossus as a little girl it’ll still be worth the damage of cribbed caricature.


Well, the marketing of exotic cats is now under much more scrutiny. If you can’t sell off tiger cubs from your garage/ranch/ storage unit I suppose you have to branch out somehow.

The missing monkeys have been found in an apartment in Lancaster. Not much info about the ordeal yet. If this is related to any of the other zoo troubles, expect a movie.

Addendum: if they make this into an episode of 9•1•1:Lone Star, expect it to be set in Austin, include a missing gorilla, a blizzard, AND a meteor about to strike 6th Street.


The monkeys have been located.

As has a suspect.

Somewhat curiously the initial charges are only for animal cruelty; rather than anything related to the legally irregular procurement of the monkeys.


not gonna lie. as a son of texass, born in austin, attended the UT as did mum and dad…
i’d watch the shit outta that!

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Primates, including emperor tamarin monkeys, require very specific care.

“It’s not something you can steal, place in a cage in your living room and feed a banana,” he said.

Yet some folks seem to think it’s possible. :man_shrugging:

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Go find it streaming. You’d particularly enjoy the volcano episode.

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