Two Russia-backed hacker groups target Europe ahead of elections, FireEye reports


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Honestly it’s hard to imagine why Russia wouldn’t double down on this strategy considering how well it’s worked out for them so far.


Fancy Bears


Did anyone send this to Jared on WhatsApp? They should…


Well, we should just do the same stuff back to them.

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Well if they’re going to interfere in our elections to elect authoritarians we’re just going to have to interfere in their elections to elect authoritarians in turn!


Russia controls the world, just like it did in the cold war. Just like that picture of an octopus with its tentacles encompassing the globe.


Right. Disrupting Russian “elections”, eh? Let me know how that works out. :wink:

(PS There can be little doubt Western intelligence agencies are trying to do their bit, too.)

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The elections you’re talking about are the EU elections.


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Well I’ll grant that it did happen, but that was nearly a quarter of a century ago. It seems that Russian elections today are merely a formality - indirectly or directly rigged, but with a highly predictable outcome. Given this, and also that Putin seems to regularly manage to get any opposition personalities jailed at suitable times, I again wonder - rather sardonically - how that would work out today.


While it is certainly plausible that Russia may be trying to mess with the EU elections (everybody else does, so why not join in the fun?), there is one relevant bit of information that this story omits:

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The US got there well before Putin.


I don’t think Putin cares about elections. Now, if it was disruption of the activities and funds of his oligarch friends, that would be different.

Need a cool hacker group name though. Fancy Bear, Cozy Bear… How about Trash Panda?



He has a nice collection of strawmen there.

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