Two speeding cops crash into one another at intersection, killing 84-year-old woman in nearby car

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Now…the officers will be held with full accountability and face full the consequences for this…in 3, 2, 1…


This seems like a case of police entitlement to me. Both cops thought that, because they had their sirens on, they did not have to concern themselves with intersection safety and could each blow through the intersection at full speed. I don’t know the exact regulation, but I’d wager that the police handbook says something like “approach intersection with caution and proceed only when clear” which obviously neither did. It’s just too bad that the only person who suffered serious consequences is someone who had nothing to do with it.


I’m trying to figure out how 10 cops were injured. Is that 5 cops per vehicle? Wtf were they responding to that needed so many? Anybody know Chicago call codes?


Apparently 10-1 is “officer needs help” so yeah, that’s going to bring out the cavalry. And boost the police entitlement to 11.


I knew this was Chicago before clicking on it.

This is a regular, in many cases DAILY issue here.

I’ve been nearly killed 4 times this way, once with my oldest when she was a preschooler, when we were less than 60 seconds from being demolished by a police car chase…while at a kid’s playground in a park with NO streets. There is no safe place here to be a bystander.


Everything I need to know about Chicago police suspect pursuit I learned from watching “The Blues Brothers”.


Judge: So let’s see here, you had a BAC above 0.08%, is that correct?
FOP Lawyer: Your honor, my client was inside of a restaurant when that BAC was measured. Is it against the law to have a drink or two inside a local restaurant?
Judge: I suppose not, case dismissed

Baliff: Next on the docket: Automobile vs. Dead Nurse
Judge: Automobile, you are charged with entering a restaurant without permission and subsequently running over a Nurse. How do you plead?
Judge: Let the record show no response from the Automobile.
Judge: Let’s hear from the victim now.
Lawyer for Dead Nurse: She’s dead your honor.
Judge: So she is not here? Well, then case dismissed, that’s lunch everyone.
*Bangs Gavel *


Her family will be sued by the police union for inflicting distress upon the officers involved.


This needs a Guillotine Watch tag.

Betcha they get off with a slap on the wrist b/c the union lawyers are going to argue that she was “clearly over/past the stop line & so bears some of the responsibility for her own injuries”…


i’m sure the police and the prosecutor are cursing the fact that the woman died. if she had lived they could have charged her with interfering with a police officer.


who was doing chicken deals

The video doesn’t start early enough to show her arrival. It’s possible that, since the light was red for cross traffic, hers was green. Perhaps she started into the intersection, then saw the oncoming emergency vehicle, and stopped to yield the right of way.

Regardless, it doesn’t (shouldn’t) excuse the cops. Like doctors, the rule should be not to make things worse. Slowing down to check the intersection when you’re entering on a red–even with lights and sirens–seems like standard procedure where I’m from.


I am normally very into holding cops responsible for their actions both on and off the job. FTP.

Even I’m kind of like… this was sad, it was tragic, the city’s insurance should pay out for the death, but this really is the kind of crap that just sometimes happens with policemen. I mean, it is a badly designed intersection, so seeing the other police vehicle would be hard until they were right up at the intersection, they couldn’t hear the sirens of the other vehicle over their own, and noticing the lights from the other vehicle over their own would have been hard. They should have slowed down, but they were running very hot.

Now the cop who was drinking and driving? He should get the book thrown at him. He knows better.

That doesn’t stop the system from excusing the cops.

My mother was T-boned by a speeding cop when she entered an intersection when she had a green light. My mother claims the cop did not have emergency lights or the siren on.
Judge: you were listening to the music loudly yes?
No, the radio doesn’t work
Judge: you had the heater on full blast?
No, the heater doesn’t work

This was in the 60’s and the system had less interest in charging a young white female of any responsibility for this, but they still gave it a try.


Hmm should I quip:

“When assholes collide.”


“Needs more car horn playing Dixie that distorts at the end.”

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Baliff: Now comes the case of CPD vs 84 year old woman
Judge: Let’s hear from the FOP Lawyer
FOP Lawyer: Your Honor, this 84 year old woman was required to wear prescription glasses while driving, yet when her body was found, she was not wearing them. Furthermore, when the glasses were eventually found they were broken and smashed. There was no way they could be worn that way. Obviously she was NOT wearing those glasses at the time of the incident.
Judge: Interesting.
FOP Lawyer: In addition, a search was done of the 84 year old woman’s apartment and a large number of various drugs were found. Lab tests are being done now to determine what they are. Also- a bottle of a green substance that looked like Marijuana was found in the spice cupboard of her kitchen. Obviously this woman has a drug problem and should not have been driving that night.
Judge: Alright, seize those drugs, the entire contents of her apartment and any Bank Accounts or other assets she had and we will hold them as evidence until we can determine what REALLY happened here.
Lawyer for 84 year old woman’s family: Your Honor, may we testify?
Judge: Were you there that night?
Lawyer for 84 year old woman’s family: No your Honor but…
Judge: than anything you have is just heresy. I am sealing this case for 40 years.
*Bangs Gavel *


she was probably drunk

John and Jane Q. Public will foot the bill in the end. Officers fully indemnified.