Two suspects arrested after $5 million gold toilet stolen from Britain's Blenheim Palace

Considering how frequently US drone attacks kill civilians, it could be worse.



As I said in the other thread:

The nice thing about it, is: with art you can look at it from multiple views.

Like one might look at the toilet as a negative - but it is a nice negative because it is gold. Like America might be a bit of a shit hole, but it’s a nice shit hole.

Another way to look at it is that a toilet provides an extremely important role in civilization. I’d argue it is the most important. If I had to live in a secluded area, but was given ONE modern convenience, it would be a toilet and sewer system. It literally transformed how well people lived in cities and civilization. No more horrible smell. No more rampant diseases. No more polluted drinking water.

So if one were to look at like that, being compared to a toilet is an honor. Or maybe, “You might not like it, but it provides a vital function.”


An odd choice. A secluded area is probably the place you least need a sewer system.

I like your thinking.

Thames Valley Police might want to search 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.




Did anyone check the many Trump properties? I’ve heard it from reliable sources he’s really into taking dumps in gold toilets, he might be trying to corner the gilded urine market.


The Guggenheim regularly loans art to the White House. This particular piece was the one that was offered - and rejected - when Trump came into office. Apparently it was too on-the-nose.


I remembered it as a “fuck you” to Trump, but I was forgetting the biggest part of the insult - the bit where it was in response to the White House asking for something specific. * chef’s kiss *


Me, I had deja poo…

I’ll see myself out…


A secluded area is probably the place you least need a sewer system.

Have you ever used an outhouse?

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That’s a serious amount of ass-bling.

Important context from the artist:

““Who’s so stupid to steal a toilet? America was the 1% for the 99%, and I hope it still is. I want to be positive and think the robbery is a kind of Robin Hood-inspired action.””

– Maurizio Cattalan

Hoping that America remains the 1% for the 99% strikes me as an important bit of research to have done before naming the work “America”, but I am not an artist.

Sounds like a job for the Penetration Testers. /s

Mr Hare told BBC 5 live it was the “first theft of this type in living memory” from the stately home - the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill - adding it had “a sophisticated security system”.

“But what has happened has happened,” he said.

“So clearly we need to challenge ourselves on that.”

I find a solid gold toilet art installation difficult to nail down (something which, I’m sure, generally meets artists’ expressed desire to inspire discussion). The only thing that I can draw from such a toilet is possibly some comment on conspicuous consumption (?), or perhaps some critique of the ‘one-percenters’. Maybe. If I sat on one of these toilets, perhaps some truth would be revealed to me. I’d have an epiphany, like Martin Luther.


The truth that some people will put a value on anything if they think it is exclusive.

Apparently Piero Manzoni’s studio labourer claimed the contents were plaster not merda

Nobody’s asked the important question. Did the thieves put the TP with the paper over or under?

Yeah, for a couple of years. I don’t prefer an outhouse, especially not in February, but it’s doable.

So, they found the number 1 and number 2 suspects? :thinking:

I suppose they were easy to find because they were flush with cash.

(Edit: Doh, number two already taken in the OP…)

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