Two Tesla employees test positive for coronavirus, and are recovering from home: Reports

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Elon Musk previously mocked ‘coronavirus panic’ as ‘dumb.’


Nobody could have foreseen this. I suspect those dastardly short sellers had something to do with it.

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People who decried “coronavirus panic” still accepted that it could be contracted. They just claimed it wouldn’t affect very many people, though they acknowledged it would kill some (just not that many, for some value of “not that many”).

There’s no reason to think this news would change Musk’s mind. Even if he doesn’t make a public announcement doubling down on his pandemic denialism, he may just be being considerate to his unlucky employees.

The US has 78,000 cases. Why is it newsworthy that two of those cases work for Tesla? Is it just because Elon Musk ran his mouth before?


Musk not only downplayed the risk, he defied local orders to shut down his Tesla factory.


Why is it not enough to say it once? How many boxes with tweets and blurbs restating the same bit of news are mandatory these days?

Breaking news!!! Elon Musk is a jerk!..oh…wait…nevermind.

Is that pic supposed to support Boing Boing’s somewhat bizarre hatred of Elon? Because I think it’s endlessly badass that a modern day industrialist CEO who’s’ changing the world for the better (no other company on the planet has done more to kill the ICE than Tesla) smoked an effin joint live on air.


It’s amazing what a hate-on Xeni has for Elon Musk. Here, let me offer three recent stories regarding Tesla and coronavirus:

  1. Tesla buys 1255 ventilators from China and donates them to US hospitals to assist with coronavirus response, probably at a cost in the low eight figures.
  2. Tesla partners with Medtronic and converts one of their three major US factories to exclusively manufacture ventilators for the duration of the crisis.
  3. Two of Tesla’s 50000 employees tested positive for coronavirus, after Elon said some stupid shit!

Which of these is the most noteworthy?
Which of these does Xeni choose to post about?

(BTW, the US has 327M people and 85k known cases of coronavirus; that works out to an average of 13 cases per 50000 people. Knowing that this particular 50000 has at least two cases is… not exactly surprising or indicative of anything.)

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Got it, thanks!

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