Tesla worker at Buffalo, NY solar panel factory tests positive for COVID-19 same week Elon Musk reopened it: Report

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/06/02/report-tesla-worker-got-covid.html

• 4th known Tesla worker to test positive, and the 5th at its US facilities




The new Musk scent is hubris!


Here we go again…let the excuse-making begin.


Is that photo a ‘shoop? Please tell me it’s a ‘shoop.


He looks like he was considered a ravishing, but fading beauty at the dawn of plastic surgery.


Huh? Was there a non-worker who tested positive at a Tesla facility?


As luck would have it, his job was to lick all the surfaces. Oh well. All you wealthy people, enjoy your new Teslas. I’m sure you’ll be fine.


Is that headline implying the worker got COVID-19 because the factory reopened? Because I’m not making that connection.

I do think that if industry and business does not get ramped back up, there will be many more deaths resulting from depression, starvation, heart disease, cancer, etc. than caused by COVID-19.

Which part of “social distancing” do you not understand?
Not intending to sound like a condescending bitch here but that is literally the biggest problem the world has right now because if we don’t sort it out we won’t have any time to fix any of the other frankly massive problems we have to deal with afterwards.


It would be pretty fast to get infected and get a positive test in the first week after the plant reopened. So most likely that person got infected elsewhere.

True. Especially poverty as a result of an ongoing economic crisis would kill a lot of people. Especially in countries with a fucked up health system.

Well, we appear to be in this for longer than we expected, because a vaccine is nowhere to be seen. So we need to find ways to ramp up the economy again, right?

What does „sort it out“ mean in that context? Vaccine? Treatment? Social distancing forever?

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There is more than enough food, shelter and other essentials to keep everyone in our society alive and healthy right now.

If some people are not getting those essentials then it is not a sign that we need to ramp up industrial production, it is a sign that our current economic system is woefully ill-equipped to handle even a temporary interruption and we should scrap that system for something better.


Did you pull your vaccine timeline from the same asshole that Trump did? Nobody with any degree of medical or scientific credibility has ever claimed that a vaccine is any closer than a year out at best. Social distancing and other restrictions aren’t in place to buy time before a vaccine is cranked out, they’re in place to keep everyone from getting sick all at once and avoid the unnecessary spread of infection. If you can contain the spread effectively enough, the virus burns out on its own, the health care system can handle the case load of those who do get sick, and everything can go “back to normal” that much quicker. Trying to circumvent that process by opening things back up too early (after they were clamped down far too late in most states) because “the economy!” when there are perfectly viable governmental solutions that don’t require putting even more people at risk (like paying people in as many industries as possible to stay home if they can’t work from home) is a dangerous, ludicrous, and cruel solution.


Thanks, I am well aware how long it usually takes to develop a vaccine. But that’s not my point: We haven’t managed to find a vaccine against any of the other Corona viruses (even though we tried), maybe because it is typically very hard to find a vaccine for RNA viruses. So we might not ever get a vaccine.

See e.g.:

At the current rate of infection, how long do you think these restrictions need to be in place? I read something about 7000 new confirmed cases each day, make that 100.000 (because there are many unconfirmed cases), that means ~5 years in lockdown (assuming herd immunity at ~70%).

I agree that there are governmental solutions to this problem, none of which will be implemented in the USA under GOP rule.

These measures would also need to ensure that while restrictions are in place, people would not become more at risk of severe outcome of an infection because of those restrictions. Anything that weakens one’s immune system is a problem here, and people are putting on weight and adopt a more sedentary lifestyle. On top of that there’s a lack of Vitamin D, and stress and anxiety won’t help much, either.

And while we’re at it, “the economy” (your scare quotes, not mine) also needs to change quite a bit for all that to work out.

That makes all this a bit more complex than some people think it is.


Except, look at the data from all other countries that did proper lockdowns and quarantines. They’ve basically beaten this thing and starting to reopen stuff is pretty safe. The reason we’re in a mess is because we reacted too slowly and not strictly enough. Most parts of the country still have really half-assed quarantines and low rates of distancing and mask usage. Reopening the economy before it is even close to safe is not going to fix anything. That will be piling more bad decisions on top of the old ones.


Opening everything back up for “the economy!” is disingenuous, because “the economy!” isn’t a real thing, it’s a capitalist construct. Opening everything back up without safeguards* in place, because “we flattened the curve!” , means the curve will rise again.

*Safeguards - besides social distancing, masks, and protection against airborne transmission, the best safeguards in a pandemic are testing, contract tracing, and quarantining. In the US, most of us don’t have access to testing, and contract tracing is a joke the way they’ve tried implementing it with unproven technology.


No, of course not. What the headline is implying is the many factory workers will be needlessly exposed to a terrible illness because the factory reopened.


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