Tesla gets approval for U.S. factory 'reopening as soon as next week'

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Yay! That’s exactly what Amurica needs right now, more overpriced, death-scented vanity vehicles.


What is more, he just stole that photo from a 3 year old Buca di Beppo tweet:


Wasn’t the county’s plan to let them open in a couple of weeks anyway? Cutting a week off it sounds more of a compromise by both parties.


I see it more as, “I got what I wanted. Fuck the rest of you. No ice cream sundae? No martini glass? Tough shit. Wish you were me.”

I can’t wait to see how the Alameda County officials spin Musk’s factory getting special treatment, and any other non-essential business in Alameda having to stay closed.

Now that’s priceless.


More or less, yes:

Breaking virus lockdown rules, suing officials, threatening staff, raging on Twitter. Just Elon Musk things


I believe the state had slated them to go next week depending on how the epidemic was going.

Least ways that’s what the governor was saying before Musks “we’re reopening!” freak out.

So this seems like Musk generating a stink, then claiming victory over the status quo.


I know it’s fun to hate on Musk, but is it at least possible that the Tesla factory is capable of being open with social distancing protocols in place?

When you look at the long history of workplace injuries at Tesla factories that Musk and other management simply pretend don’t exist you aren’t inclined to think they’ll even try.

There’s one color, though, that some of Tesla’s former safety experts wanted to see more of: yellow – the traditional hue of caution used to mark hazards.

Concerned about bone-crunching collisions and the lack of clearly marked pedestrian lanes at the Fremont, California, plant, the general assembly line’s then-lead safety professional went to her boss, who she said told her, “Elon does not like the color yellow.”




Is it fun to point out the very real misconduct of a wealthy petulant manbaby?


Prediction; Fremont will have an outbreak of the virus, people will die and Musk will get sued.


I won’t say that i hope that’s the case, i dont. But i won’t be surprised if an outbreak happens at the factory, still he would find a way to excuse his decisions and put blame on something or someone else.


I don’t hope it happens. either; I’m predicting the likelihood based on what I know about Tesla and how Musk runs that plant.


Ultimately if an outbreak happens Elon Musk himself will be fine (even if sued), its the workers that end up suffering. But as long as he gets some limelight to stroke his ego i doubt he would care much.

With apologies to Beyonce:

Who runs the world?
Rich Assholes!
Who runs the world?
Rich Assholes!

That’s it. That’s the song.



So… strike?

Then replacement by volunteer sycophants and/or sla… er… prison labor. :woman_shrugging:

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The costs of training those people would be immense and take a ton of time.

Car manufactures are one of, if not the strongest unions in the US. With my 5 secs of googling, Tesla is the only large car manufacture not unionized. I predict that will change soon. Maybe. I mean, it sounds like the logical choice.

Look at me… defending unions. BB has changed me haha.

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Which in the mind of business owners is worth it if they don’t have to deal with unionized labor.

And he will work to keep it that way, and the current NLRB will back him up.

Capitalism has it’s own logic that doesn’t have much to do with actual reality… Society of the Spectacle and all that. The unreal becomes more real than the real.

I’m very pro-union, but I’m also aware of reality with regards to unionization in the US right now.