Elon Musk restarts Tesla factory, breaking coronavirus public health orders

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I never thought I would say this. Send in the Sheriff. Round them all up.


Breaking the law seems to be natural result of being “disruptive tech business”.

Or arrest just Musk and higher management. The rest of the crowd will disperse then - they would probably prefer not to be there anyway.


Yeah, he’s really taking the shine off that dream car I’ll never be able to afford. He needs to be made an example of. Letting privileged brats like this get away with threatening the social fabric has to be stemmed. This is how domestic terrorists become emboldened with the perception that their idiot ideas are the sentiment of a silent majority that’s been suppressed.


This is about money, so arresting Musk won’t do much.

Fining Tesla per-employee for every day the plant remains open, on the other hand…


When Reveal podcast ran an episode on dangerous working conditions in the Tesla factories a couple of years ago he waived it off by saying it was fake news with an agenda. Take people at their word, and not just the ones that sound good.


One day many years from now, Musk’s newborn son with the Sci-Fi dystopian name will look up news about how his father reacted to the joyous occasion of his birth and will learn that pops spent the entire week screaming about how he wanted to be back at his goddamn car factory.




Weren’t all these assholes supposed to fly to new zealand and leave us alone during a pandemic?


What I would love to see is his insurance company step in and make it abundantly clear that they won’t cover anything that occurs while they are open illegally. I would also like the state to actively enforce every existing standard. I somehow imagine that all of the state emissions permits and other comparable things don’t apply when the business isn’t allowed to be open. A stack of state EPA fines, no insurance, and a threat of pulling their business license will very quickly bring them back in line.

Jail has a way of cutting through even where money doesn’t. Tesla ran at a loss for a while and I doubt any currently existing fine is enough to cut through the desire for control.


For Joe Average, perhaps, but Musk is a celebrity billionaire. Even if arrested, he’s not going to regular people jail. He’ll end up in a clean private room for a few hours until his legal army gets him released. More than likely he’d be released immediately after booking.


Soooo… strike?

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Oi. Cut that out.

Besides, NZ isn’t accepting foreigners right now. Cameron managed to sneak in, but only because he was vile enough to buy residency a few years ago.


Maybe, but an hour in a cell, with a possibly coughing cell mate is likely to have more effect on him than taking his investors money. Personally, I don’t think incarceration is the right way out of any public health crisis, but it is probably more effective than a nominal fine directed at the corporate coffers.


Seems to be a state vs. county issue. State says he can open as an essential business, County says not so fast.


“People will die, but that’s not important to my analysis.”

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Ah, Elon Musk and the very successful electric car company he started. But wait, he didn’t start it - he bought his way in and pushed out the actual founders, pretending he had created it. And it’s still not making a profit as a car company - it relies on selling off carbon credits; without government programs, they’d not be profitable at all.

I dunno, maybe someone who isn’t an asshole in the grips of a Dunning-Kruger death-spiral should buy up and run Tesla at this point.


Luxury cars aren’t essential.


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