Elon Musk restarts Tesla factory, breaking coronavirus public health orders

The Alemeda county order is essentially self contained.

It defines essential businesses, and essential activities, and bans what isn’t on the list. There is no exception for manufacturing cars of any kind, luxury or not.


An order that allows the production of economy cars, and bans the rest may appeal to your sense of social justice, but it probably would be successfully challenged in court.

Minimum Basic Operation is also defined.

Damn Skippy


It’s a reference to


Musk asked that only he be arrested right? Why don’t we just count the amount of employees present and charge Musk with the cumulative fine/jailtime. That seems to be what he is asking for :man_shrugging:

I’ll bet most of them are at sea, living in their super/mega yachts or using them to visit private islands. :ship: :desert_island:

Okay…fine great. It still is using female charatristics to be used as an insult. What if they darkened his skin to make him look black…would be ‘obvious’ racism then?
Giving him female characteristics as a insult is obvious sexism to me…with a good dose of homophobia thrown in.

Breaking virus lockdown rules, suing officials, threatening staff, raging on Twitter. Just Elon Musk things

Interesting read.


Unfortunately, the arrival of the lawsuit made things harder for Alameda County officials, as the supervisor for the district in which Tesla’s factory sits, Scott Haggerty, made plain in an interview. The county was close to approving a May 18 open date, Haggerty told the New York Times, but when a Tesla executive told him that Musk was intending to sue, it put a different light on things.
“It does at that point slow down conversations between my contact at the plant and myself,” Haggerty explained. “He could have spent time enjoying his new baby and given me and my staff a couple more days and his plant would have been open on May 18.” He even explained that he felt sympathy for Tesla but added: “Am I sympathetic to the way Musk is treating people? No.”



Luxury cars aren’t essential.

Lot’s of things aren’t. In my state gun stores have been allowed to stay open (because “muh rights”). Of course, they promptly ran out of ammo at the beginning of this crisis (hoarders defending TP stash?) and many of them ended up closing anyway.

So? Your point is? Telsa does not need to be making cars right now. full stop. People will die. :woman_shrugging:

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Yeah, point is that many things are open that are not essential. I don’t think it’s right and it’s confusing. Are we locked down or not? Many in my (suburban) area haven’t changed their behavior at all.

And this is why it’s doubly problematic for someone as high profile as Musk to be out there advocating for re-opening his utterly non-essential business, because it will encourage even more openings…

We’re completely and utterly fucked, aren’t we?


And thanks for clarifying… I wasn’t sure what your point was and now I do.


You may be confusing sexual orientation with gender identity.

Or perhaps not. FaceApp indicates some cuteness potential, though.


It’s become frustrating lately, how little focus I seem to have available to keep track of what rules apply where, and how should I let those rules guide my actions?

National media loves to bring me colorful, chaotic stories from the deep south bacause thats where the schadenfreude grows greenest… but all I really want to know is how much relative risk do I take stepping out my own front door.

This story is definitely relevant to my reality since it takes place in my covid response treaty region… but the main question I want answered is, does Elon Musk plan to offer testing to his employees as a condition of working on site? I am guessing, “no” from the general tone of things, and the western states pact is not as powerful as I would like to keep me and my people safe.

But if you were to prioritize these certain specific questions in your news coverage, it would be a valuable help in the kremlinology we are all of us forced to do in lieu of a national leadership.


What, do you think he’s in business to keep a bunch of lazy whiners from getting the sniffles… what is he, their daddy? They should be kissing his ass for the privilege of making a car they’ll never afford… /s

Pretty much.


Elizabeth Holmes as a person in an insult to the human species. Avoiding comparing another sociopath to her because she is a woman and he is not would actually be sexist though. Glad I could clear that up!


You’re out of the loop.

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