Two vintage Hollywood faces, one new celebrity

Artist John Stezaker cut up and collaged vintage publicity photos of classic Hollywood film stars into provocative portraits of unreal celebrities in juxtaposed elegance. Simple but highly effective. “Images in charity shops are like orphans,” Stezaker told the British Journal of Photography. “They’ve lost their context or culture, they’ve gone a little bit out of… READ THE REST

Taking two photo portraits, slicing them up and affixing them in an awkward and amateurish manner is somehow delightful and artistic? I strongly suggest Mr. Stezaker find some of the collages of Wilfred Satty and educate himself in the true art of surreal collage

I’ve just been to the Stezaker exhibition at Capitain Petzel in Berlin, and took part in a tour & talk with the curator. What he told us about Stezaker essentially boils down to “he just did it, no further explanations”.
While the sliced portraits left me underwhelmed, there’s a subtler and more intricate series of interior overlays/collages, which sometimes superficially rely on obvious clues and connections, too, but don’t exhaust as quickly. Less punchline-y.

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