Tyke, a minimal notepad app for the MacOS menu bar


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Why is it better than hitting cmd-shift-Y for a note?


I can’t not.


I did not know about that. Thanks!

I usually use the classic Notes app as it synchronises automatically with my iPhone.


Doesn’t do anything for me. Is this something that only works in a specific text editor, perchance?


It should make a new sticky note. Maybe your minimal keyboard doesn’t have a cmd key?

The Notes app has come a looong way. It’s pretty much good enough for me to get rid of Evernotes now (my needs are fairly simple).


It took me a few tries to make it work: You have to highlight some text first, then press shift-cmd-y.


Ahah! If only I had known that I could do almost the same thing by employing a peculiar and restrictive set of interactions with an ugly text editor whose key user interface metaphor replicates the physical clutter of a paper-strewn desk.


I like it.


Nor for me; just an alert “bonk.”


Buyer beware: 10.12 and later only.

For those of us who refused to update lest we fuck everything else up, we shall continue on with too many scraps of digital paper…


Sheesh. I’d completely forgotten about stickies. The last time I used them was when I had a Mac SE 30 five or six employers ago.

It worked on Yosemite after I highlighted some text. Good old CMD-SHFT-Y… Y? Y not?


im going to write tyke down for when i get around to updating…

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