Tyler Boebert's sex offender father blames Covid lockdown for son's wayward behavior

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2024/02/29/tyler-boeberts-sex-offender-father-blames-covid-lockdown-for-sons-wayward-behavior.html


“That’s why I’m not even trying!”


Bruh, you know you’re not the only one who was trying to raise a child during that time period, right? Somehow most American parents managed to raise kids who didn’t end up with rap sheets a mile long before they were out of their teens.


Ok Jan, certainly NOT the behavior of the parents, in plain view, for all of the world to see.


Who do you blame when your kid is a brat
Pampered and spoiled like a Siamese cat?
Blaming the kids is a lie and a shame
You know exactly who’s to blame:
The mother and the father!


I dunno. My son had a rough time during COVID lockdown. In response he volunteered to tutor kids at his HS, and is sometimes late to class after eating lunch off campus.

See, he’s as much a wastrel as Tyler. /s


During COVID I managed to handle the death of a close family member (to age, disease, and likely COVID), get a degree, get a new job, still have my old job for 6 months as well, coordinate vaccinations for dozens of family members, worked as one of the people helping to track infection and death numbers for the state, and provide support, direction, and a friendly face for my 40+ staff members, all while providing for and supporting my spouse, two kids, and a grandchild and the worst that happened to my kids is they had to listen to dad jokes over dinner.

Daddy needs to learn to be the man he thinks he is.


Well, it was either that or mommy’s excuse that “the Biden family are criminals”.

Ladies and gentlemen, once again we present the party of personal responsibility.


Tyler’s dad could be right about covid, if the pandemic caused Tyler to spend more time around the corrupting influence of his parents, rather than among healthy peers.


From the party that’s always preaching personal responsibility.

I went to law school, worked a full time job…and had a heart attack. Ok, it’s entirely possible that I, too, have poor coping skills, but I didn’t go on a crime spree, to my credit.


While it’s true the lockdown definitely had physiological effects on a lot of people, especially children and teens, I do not think you can genuinely pinpoint it as the sole reason for your kid’s crime spree. At some point you’d have to take responsibility for it all instead of trying to put the blame elsewhere.



Republicans: “Summary execution for shoplifters. Social factors are no excuse! Law and order!”
Also Republicans: “My son’s crimes are the result of society. Also, boys* will be boys! Anyways, ‘laws’ are really just suggestions and we shouldn’t enforce them, necessarily.”

*“Well, white boys, anyways.”


Is this the crime family that repug always yapping about? /S

You can put alot of name into “______ crime family,” usually from certain political party but Biden is not one of them.

Again, it’s always projection with these fuckers. It’s always “personal responsibility” until their turn to find out.


Has anyone coined a neologism to describe the literary style used here? Carefully-worded to present the writer as victim, phrased like it was written by a team of lawyers, sanctimonious, disingenuous, and above all boring. In this case the entire rambling message can be summed up by three words, the all-caps COVID SHUT DOWN. I wouldn’t be surprised if this phrase was the first to be put on the page, and all the remaining nonsense was built out from it. It doesn’t exactly sound like it was written by ChatGPT but it sure sounds like it was used to train ChatGPT.




What is wrong with you leave me alone _0cc99251ae84603f2d903c3103f8c021


Nonpologetic homily?


Without question, for those who aren’t suffering from long COVID or effects of the disease itself, this is an issue that is almost universal a cause of ‘injury’ during the pandemic. Psychologists were booked absolutely solid - I tried to get one as part of coping with the death I endured and had to wait 2 months for a single one hour session.

My kids were, thankfully, acutely aware of the impacts on our family. I’m wildly proud of them and my spouse for working to keep us mentally stable. They organized game nights, cooking nights, movie nights, and we talked. A lot. We all spent a lot of time ensuring the little grandbaby felt “normal” as much as possible - she raised butterflies, watched the lifecycle of mealworm beetles, helped tend the garden, and built a metric ton of glorious LEGO things. It was as normal as it could be, given the circumstances.


An entire statement about “your” problems and not a single me/my/mine. What a fucking surprise.


Seems like Jim Lahey was right. The shit apple doesn’t fall far from the shit tree.