U.K. faces prospect of fourth prime minister in 18 months as Conservative Party turns once again on own leader

The best I can do to explain it is that Sunak, Patel, Braverman, et al are all wealthy individuals who put their success down to Tory values. And because Tories believe in their hearts that if everyone shits on everyone else as hard and as long as they possibly can, then prosperity and happiness will come to all. The fact that exactly the opposite is happening simply means people need to shit harder.

I don’t understand that psychology either, but it’s clearly a thing.


We’re here now, that’s all that matters. Pull the ladder up.


Theoretically they can keep dragging this out for another year (28 January 2025 as the last possible date).
There’s plenty of people guessing it’ll be either May next year, or October, but the Tories are so fucked up at the moment I don’t know if ‘conventional wisdom’ is much use in predicting their actions.


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