U.S. bans e-cigarettes in checked baggage, and no vaping on the plane either

It may sound like a carcinogen, but we have little to no evidence that it is, and a lot of work showing that it’s largely biocompatible.

“Siloxane” sounds like a carcinogen. But it isn’t. What’s your point regarding “sounds like a carcinogen”?


It’s part of the FUD strategy of nicotine prohibitionists

Given another shot, I’d never start smoking again. As it stands, it’s like everyone feels it’s their job to be assholes to smokers. And it’s particularly obnoxious when we go to efforts to make it less of an inconvenience for people, like using vapes and such. It’s a little smelly, but at least my vape smells like raspberry cheesecake. And it doesn’t stick around for hours. Yet people still like to cough at you and pretend like you’re poisoning them.

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The only trouble I run into is that even in normally awesome tanks, the changes in cabin pressure throughout the flight lead to leaking! So now I glad bag all that stuff when flying, yo.

Depends entirely on what you put in it. The fluid comes in a bajillion different flavors. I would guess that you could get one with no flavoring, in which case the vapor would basically be nicotine and water and probably wouldn’t have any smell at all.

Well, the ones at work don’t (allegedly…).

My current nicotine vape is raspberry cheesecake and smells lovely. The thc vape is Betty White CO2 extracted oil, so it has a faintly citrus smell.

It’s glycerol that’s used in vapes, exactly the same stuff that’s used in night club (and smokescreen security) smoke machines. I’d also imagine that any additives such as flavouring or colouring would be more of a health risk than the nicotine.


That’s not particularly a good thing, in my opinion. It’s better than cigarette smoke, but I would still class it in the same category of annoyance as “people who wear too much perfume”. Particularly in a place where I have no choice but to be exposed to it, like walking down the sidewalk (or worse, in an enclosed space).


I dunno, you could probably come up with a list of “shit they’ll probably ban on planes some time soon” and have your next ten years’ worth of stock photos wrapped up in an afternoon.

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I’ve had smoke detectors triggered by fog from outside the house if a hallway window was left open under the right atmospheric conditions.

It’s true that there is currently little evidence to suggest that propylene glycol is a carcinogen. But a quick Google search suggests that there isn’t much research at all. Couple that lack of information with the unregulated nature of vaping as a whole.

I just get the feeling that right now everyone wants vaping to be harmless, aside from the nicotine aspect. And my gut feeling is that it will not turn out that way.

The way I presented my opinion was rude, and I apologize for that.


I thought the term was “vipers.”

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It’s bad enough that they eliminated the non-farting section during airline deregulation.

As a theatrical tech, I operated a lot of smoke machines, and while the glycol formulas are probably the safest (They used to use vaporized mineral oil, FFS. Try breathing that all day!), they can still be rather irritating.

Personally, though, I’d be more worried about the unregulated artificial flavorants. I don’t mind a whiff of propylene glycol and a bit of nicotine, but I’m not really happy about the totally unlabeled “whatever artificial chemical or petrochemical we could find that smells kinda sorta like raspberry cheesecake.”

Might be shopped. The background is incongruously out of focus, the two halves of the e-cig appear to be at slightly different angles, and I’m not sure that the light and shadow on the guy’s face matches the windows in the background.

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I’m sure you’ll pooh-pooh my prized candid photo of the rare and elusive bear-sharktopus.


The market is in need of some regulation, to be sure. It’s just that vapes and ecigs, while they look nefarious to some, are still environmentally healthier than actual burning plant-matter smoke. They don’t deposit tar on everything, they don’t (likely don’t, but they do have solder on the battery terminals) put heavy metals in the air like cigarettes, they absolutely have lower levels of carcinogens in them than cigarettes.

I’d like import standards of quality maybe. Things like having to meet FCC interference requirements and such. Whatever companies have to pass in order to sell us flashlights etc. You know, basic “this thing is generally safe to operate and won’t turn into a lithium deflagration” kinds of stuff.

And the flavorants also need to meet FDA requirements. At least a little testing to see what happens to the flavorants when you heat them up. PEG can handle pretty high temps before breaking down, but what about the stuff they use to make, say, lime flavor? It’d be nice to have info on what it does when you heat it to 400F.


The industry needs common sense regulation. But legislation should realize it’s about harm reduction.

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I tried one the other day that treated exactly like cheap cigarettes. Which, while a remarkable feat, was fucking awful. I prefer the ‘tobacco’ flavoured ones that don’t actually taste like much.

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