U.S. charges ex-IBM software developer from China with espionage over stolen code


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U.S. charges ex-IBM software developer from China with espionage over stolen code

Wonder what gave him away?


Funny how innuendos like this are totally kosher if subject in question is Chinese or Russian.


Well it certainly wasn’t the IBM part. Who knew they still wrote software?


Look everyone ! It’s IBM !!!

I tried applying for a software position at their Las Vegas “office” ( a little joke there about that “office”, read on) in 2004. I had over 20 years software engineering experience including 10 years at a Data Communications company writing such things as a protocol decoder for SNA, HDLC, XDLC and lots of other good stuff, mostly in the “C” programing language.

When I got there to drop off my resume’ I was in for a surprise. It was a nice office in the ground floor of an office building. Only…nobody was in there. The nice neat “offices” were EMPTY ! The receptionists desk at the front door was empty too. I walked about, calling out “hello…hello ??” and finally a security guard came out of nowhere and I told him I had come to drop off my resume’. He couldn’t tell me what happened to everyone but kindly took my resume’.

Some months passed. Yes MONTHS. I don’t think they even sent a postcard acknowledging reception of the resume’. Then one day I get this phone call from a software engineer at IBM. At last ( I thought) ! A chance for an interview. But…there was no interview. It was very chatty, with him asking me about any interesting programming I had done, what was my favorite software development editor and so forth. The “interview” seemed more like a discussion at a coffee shop. If I tried to steer the discussion towards my past work, knowledge or related, he seemed somewhat bored, and changed it back to mundane stuff.

After about a half hour that was it. He said goodbye. No mention of positions open, or even what the call was about. No interviews. Never heard from them again.

I came to understand, quite some time later, that the software jobs had gone to foreigners exactly like this charming foreign chap who had stolen the code and was trying to sell it. The “interview” call was just some software engineer who was bored and was trying to pick up some of my tricks and knowledge using the charade of “interviewer” as a cover.

The politics of corporatist subservience, of letting them do whatever they want, which invaded the Republican party first, and later to the Democrats, such that elites of both major parties no longer have the interests of the American people in mind, that’s what allowed all this to happen.

You want to know where all this leads, inevitably ? Check out France, 1940. Get the idea ?

You want to know why a crazy guy named Trump is winning ?



Hey IBM, how’s that H1-B initiative working out for you?


Rampant racism? Leading by fear and intimidation? Telling lies constantly in the hopes that some of them will stick in the public mind? Because trump considers Megan Kelly’s menstral cycle to be an act of war? Because four of trump’s five kids were born to first generation American immigrants? Because trump is a demagogue and you like the way he shouts? Because trump is scared of anyone with skin darker than his?

Because you didn’t get one job you applied for at IBM?


So he can increase corporate power further? Because he validates your view of fur’ners?

That’s smart.

You’re smart.


You think he’ll make this any better? The joke’s on you.


The joke’s on us.


Spaces are your friend:

Now I want to know about this ‘charge-sex’ software.


Violet wand firmware is no joke!



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