U.S. government sues gentleman who says his $60 vegetable nostrum "works within minutes" to treat Covid-19

Originally published at: U.S. government sues gentleman who says his $60 vegetable nostrum "works within minutes" to treat Covid-19 | Boing Boing


My eyes rolled back so hard it hurt… :roll_eyes:


Hey, I’m all for anything that “may help with stamina.”


“I want my money back, you said this would cure my hemorrhoids and it didn’t do a thing!”

“Well, how much did you drink?”

“. . . uhhh. . . drink?”


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"It’s a suppository!"


In this case, I don’t think the authorities are mistaken.
Referring to oneself in the third person isn’t a good sign, either.


Amateur hour. All one must do to avoid this is avoid specific “structure function” claims. This is the secret to the billion dollar snake oil supplement industry. Companies like Herbalife have their own skyscrapers because all you have to do is change the wording to “helps support immunity” and the FDA no longer cares what you do. To cover your bases, also put “these claims have not been evaluated by the FDA” on the label. As long as you don’t make specific claims about curing cancer, you can sell any snake oil you want in America, completely legally. You can thank a specific congressperson for this. His name escapes me and I can’t find it just now, but when the current boundaries of the FDA were drafted, he had his hand in the supplement industry and thus created a legal loophole for them such that they are not regulated like drugs and require no evidence for efficacy. Thus every CVS is now full of Emergen-C, Airborne, homeopathy and all manner of other nonsense. People think it’s real because you can buy it in the drugstore, right?

This is why institutions matter.


Guess drinking piss has fallen out of favor.

This guy should have reached out to Trump who might be persuaded it is the next best thing to injecting bleach or using horse dewormer.

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