U.S. spies are withholding intelligence from Donald Trump, who has none

  1. The reputation of the GOP is already destroyed amongst non-fascists.
  2. You don’t need majority support when you have the ability to prevent the opposition from voting.

My guess is that Trump has this awkward relation with the US intelligence community because ‘he has done things’ and ‘they might know’—depraved things that make golden showers seem like the holy communion.

In the mean time, after a successful three weeks in which we’ve seen the largest protest march ever, the courts halted an incompetent EO and the NSA resigned in disgrace, Trump needs to suckle on the binky of his adoring fans for reassurance.

Yes, you read it right: that’s Saturday, February 18, 2017 when he’ll be rallying in Florida, folks. For his 2020 presidential election campaign.


I am simultaneously glad that apparent proof of the administration’s malfeasance is being exposed and deeply disturbed that the intelligence community is accomplishing this in secret by drip-drip-dripping anonymously to the press.


That OP photo looks more like Rob Ford than T-rump. Can you imagine scooping the story that Donald Trump was smoking crack in a suburban Detroit garage with a bunch of (other) low-lifes?

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I read that as foreign advisor’ and I was ‘to who, bannon or pence?’

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In Germany they had lots of rallies after the Nazis rose to power, too. It’s simply a tactic from his hero’s playbook.


We can only hope.


“• Trump-related merchandise will be sold at this event.”

Security will be provided at taxpayers expense.


Oh, God; I fucking hope so.


I noticed that, too. Jesus H Christ.


Security will be provided at taxpayers expense.

Not on Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy’s watch, because Clancy announced that he’d be retiring…two days ago… coincidentally… Luckily, Trump also has his trusted private schutzstaffel security chief, herr Keith von Schiller nearby.


As I mentioned in another BB article, I’m getting really tired of getting up every day, checking the news and thinking “GOOD LORD!”. Maybe even saying it out loud.

I mean seriously, it’s only been a few weeks, but his presidency has been an unprecedented shitfest so far. Of course other countries struggle with similar idiots, but the US is one of the few global superpowers with goddamn nukes. How can a president even work if his own security agencies don’t trust him. That’s just not funny anymore.


That treason word has been visiting the TV shows in my head.

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Take away the current president, and put one who isn’t a senile, sociopathic, narcissist in place, and maybe that’d be a good thing.


I was puzzled there for a minute.

Okay, here’s two basic questions you should ask yourself about who you vote for, for president.

  1. Am I competent to be president?
  2. Is this candidate more or less competent to be president than me?

Anyone who’d answer yes to #1 is ineligible.

Anyone who makes it past #1 and honestly answer “less” for #2 should be terrified.


That’s one of the points why I think impeachment might not be such a bad idea. Pence is evil as fuck, but at least he’s rationally evil. Better to have an enemy you know than a what the fuck enemy.


I’d rather fight a guy than a pack of wild monkeys.


I just intercepted an insecure communication between these two insecure assholes…

What could it mean?


this was my very first thought reading about this. that higher ups deliberately suggest to the intelligence services that they don’t want to know about everything is the normal process. it is a rather bad sign when the services itself more or less openly announce the cutoff of information flow up the executive chain.