Uber HR chief resigns in racism scandal


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Uber is now synonymous with shooting ones self in the foot.


“Man, you really Uber’d that, didn’t you”.

Yup, I like it.


Is he getting a lift home?


More like “Is he getting a Lyft home?” amiright, eh?


Looks like we’re getting a new head of the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division.


Only a sociopath like Travis Colonic (or a sociopath hired by that sociopath) could hire the least HR-capable HR chief. The first thing you ought to do when you hire an HR chief is check for prejudice, but what can you expect from the company that even neo-feudalist misogynist Peter Thiel believes is too unethical?


are derogatory comments or discrimination one disruptive innovation too far?


too fail to big


Nothing beats a toxic head of HR. You can get by for a long time with a crappy CEO and some backstabbing directors, so long as everyone believes HR has their back at the end of the day. Even if an HR head is merely “snipey,” you can forget about holding on to a talented labor force. The importance and delicacy of that position is, I think, under-appreciated.


The answer to which is: “Need a ride?”



This used to be true, for the reasons you cite. Nowadays, most HR depts are unofficial PR and implementation wings of the Board’s/CEO’s latest directives. Their role consists mostly of figuring out how to protect the corporation from itself, keep it vaguely legal, and make sure the peons are shafted as required, with no recourse.


I agree. It’s not to say they actually do have the employee’s backs over that of the board, but it is vital that they give that impression.


Exactly. Anyone who still believes their HR dept is for employees (and not the employer) has been the victim of a very good HR dept’s PR.


What, no Creepshow 2 references?!?


“personnel department” = They realize that I am a person as well as an employee.
“Human Resources” I may be a resource like coal, but at least they recognize the fact that I am human.


Please do a google of “I see what you did there”


As in, “She Uber’d herself”?


I’m Uber’ing myself right now.