Uber-like service for private security




Go away or I’ll call the brute squad!


What could possibly go wrong?


First to set up a service to send in the clowns? Anyone?


Wow, only $35/hour. That seems cheap enough for plenty of practical jokes.

Would they be willing to have one jump out of a birthday cake?


“Let’s settle this outside!”

“Very well. Shall we say in…about thirty minutes?”


For some reason I read it as “Bananaman”. I guess that would be a different service.


Anyone else a getting a Bad Feeling about situations where you’d want hired muscle; but would be receiving all the loyalty $35 dollars an hour can buy from a short term contractor? I’d be much more comfortable with the joke uses.


Just look at it


Here we go, this is the crazy technolibertarian future we were all waiting for.


Surprised that they didn’t go for the obvious Übermensch

Uber + jack-booted-thugs = Godwinned comment


I am the brute squad!


If I want hired muscle, I want Hulk, not Banner, man.

Do I have to make him angry myself?


Brian Hanrahanrahanrahan

Steve Mcbananaman


one word prediction: Altamont


Are they available for children’s parties?



My first job was with the phone company, and in doing some engineery accounty thing, I discovered they had an accounting code for “Escort Services.” Being 20-something, my mind went right in the gutter, but my boss explained that when they had to put up a microwave tower in a really bad part of town, the technicians would sometimes hire a rent-a-cop for an hour. So this really isn’t a new thing, except Internet!!!


When in a dickish mood, must remember to keep an emergency $50 bill so that I can outbid any challengers.


A, err, friend, of my father in law actually did just that with some legbreakers hired to do him over; doubled their fee & sent 'em back to their original employer with new instructions…


Short-term gain at the expense of the thugs’ reputation. Word gets around that they’ll turn on their employers for a few bucks, nobody will ever hire them again. Not to mention the betrayed employer would likely hire a whole crew of other guys to go after them.