UC Davis spent $175,000 to scrub its 'pepper spray episode' from web searches


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That’s well over three times the starting salary of a full-time faculty member (who make about half as much as the guy who did the pepper spraying did).


Wait… are we undermining that $175,000 even now by adding content that continues to associate UC Davis and Chancellor Katehi with their terrible treatment of students in the pepper-spray attack?

Oops. My bad.


That sounds like misuse of public funds to an extent that might well be criminal. They should just cut their losses and improve their reputation by firing Chancellor Katehi.


Shit, I’d have sold them magic beans at half that price. They wouldn’t have done anything, but they also wouldn’t have backfired.



Except it does. The internet forgets all the time. Were it not for the Wayback machine, it would forget even more.

It’s time to retire the false meme “The internet never forgets.”


Sorry, no can do…the internet refuses to forget it.


Dear UC Davis staff:

Here is how to fix your online reputation.

Step 1: Don’t be twats.

Step 2: Show empathy and compassion when something horrible happens, even when it goes against your self interests. This is the most important part as empathy is very detectable as fake when it’s shown for something that aligns with your own interests, it is only evident that you are honestly concerned when you allow yourself to feel for those people who are doing something you disagree with.

Step 3: Don’t be afraid to admit when your actions were wrong. Note I didn’t say apologize - you can keep your stance, policy, or whatever is being argued and admit you made mistake in escalation. See Step 2.

I will be happy to accept a check for half of your previous fee. Thank you.


Ok fine.

There; all “better?”




No wonder students are crushed under the load of their loans. Corrupt school administrators are expensive!


To be fair Lt Pike was a big guy, and Wite-out ain’t cheap!


Money to pay the consultants came from the

… students’ tuition payments, which rose again this year.


Really unclear as to what’s unfair in the portrayal.

I’m sure it doesn’t help but things like the 30% tuition hike Occupy UC Davis was protesting in the first place probably makes the 175K seem kind of stingy. Not disputing your post. Just … adding more fuel to the ire (not a typo).


The internet (thankfully) forgot my embarrassing Geocities page from the late 90s



Yeah, I’m pretty thankful for that, too.


All data becomes either public or lost.


They seriously wasted their money:

Hashtag, We haven’t forgotten you, muthafucker.


That guy really was an asshole. Got around a lot too.