UC Davis Chancellor spent $400K+ to scrub her online reputation after pepper-spray incident


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At this point I think Linda P.B. Katehi should be prosecuted for embezzlement.


But isn’t this blog post going to—




Meh. After my sister, in her 3rd year of an engineering undergraduate, found her education held hostage until she had completed an “assignment” for a real firm outside the uni, whereupon the firm and uni profited handsomely while she remained crushed under debt…
I lost much of my respect for the university system as a whole.


Seems like it would be less work and cheaper to just stop being an asshole.


Hah, you’d think right? but some people, they measure their self worth in such things.


Cheaper, sure, but definitely not less work.


How do you keep a job when you screw up that badly? the chancellor screwed up the initial event and literally everything after it and is still employed, how?


Huh, and all I did was ask a friend to delete my browser history in the event of my death…


Wow! I am quite impressed with the online reputation of UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi!
Who knew that Linda P.B. Katehi was chancellor during the period when UC Davis police lieutenant John Pike spray painted peaceful protesters with pepper spray and then tried to scrub her bumbling response?
Linda P.B. Katehi, I salute you!!!


How does any of what she did matter if her history is prominently featured on her Wikipedia entry? What did she accomplish - aside from giving a friends company $400k?


That is old news. This is new news: UC Davis Chancellor Resigns Following Probe


$400K in all

Is a refund forthcoming?


I assume that she still has her lucrative DeVry and John Wiley gigs to fall back on…


“Purple Strategies.”


Chalk it up to the absurd combination of academia, lying, nepotism and public-sector corruption.

Hell, even the head pepper-spraying jackass, Lt. Pike, got $38,000 in workers comp benefits, to compensate for his “psychological pain and suffering”. It’s so ludicrous that you can’t even believe it most of the time.


There was that big fuss about Comet Kohoutek last century, which I’m now convinced I’ll remember in a few years as Comet Kaheti.

I expect.


I am in the wrong business.


Your article went live last week. Not too old and I hadn’t heard about it. :sweat:

Here’s some fun stuff from your link …

“Linda Katehi and her family have been exonerated from baseless accusations of nepotism, conflicts of interest, financial management and personal gain, just as we predicted and as the UC Davis Academic Senate found within days of this leave,” Guzman said.

But a UC spokeswoman said the investigation found the chancellor had “exercised poor judgment, not been candid with university leadership and violated multiple university policies.”

I have a hard time making these two paragraphs work together. Especially when you add in this snippet:

She was also accused of “material misstatements” to Napolitano in asserting that she had not been involved in hiring social media firms to scrub the Internet of references to campus police pepper-spraying of student protesters in 2011. The probe also examined charges of the misuse of student fees.


She was popular with many faculty, as under her watch the impact on programs of the 2009+ UC System cuts was kept fairly low. When deciding whether to keep an employee, you have to balance their achievements against their mistakes. In Katehi’s fault it seems like the balance finally tipped against her when she lied about using University resources to cover up an earlier mistake. If nothing else, it made her apologies over the pepper spraying less credible in retrospect.