UFO turns out to be balloon

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Looks nothing like the sensor platform I saw.

Now think of all the UFOs disguised as hot air balloons.

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One of these went through the area south of me about two days ago and Facebook was full of newly minted UFO spotters with blurry pictures to share.

Thankfully the local fire/police/etc scanner page let everyone know the deal and hooked us up with its current location https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/n242lb/#253f21a7 Right now it looks like it’s managed to make its way down to Bermuda.


I, for one, welcome our Jellyfish overlords.


And which are the relevant authorities for that?

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From the reporting, literally anyone higher up or lower down than the local civil aviation authority might have done the trick.


Unknown helicopters…

(Posted with some trepidation – F-Troop’s casual 60s racial stereotyping is pretty hard to take today – but Frank DeKova delivers one of the best known lines from 60s television, and relevant to the tread.)

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Ah! The ones who want to prove that they’re important by objecting that they were out of the loop?


SHADO? (This bit is added as the site doesn’t like it on its own…)

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Two arrested in Congo after Google Loon mobe balloon meets terra firma more than 1,000km from operating area

A video of yesterday’s crash site posted by locals on Google-owned YouTube was deleted “for violating YouTube’s terms of service” as The Register reviewed it at the time of writing.

It seems that while Google is in favour of increased global internet connectivity, it’s unable to cope with that connectivity being used to share news that makes the Chocolate Factory blush.

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