Crashed UFO in Colombia actually belongs to Google


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Crashed UFO in Colombia actually belongs to Google

Doesn’t everything belong to Google now?


Aha! Proof that Google is run by space aliens. After all, who else would own a UFO?


“designed to extend Internet connectivity to people in rural and remote areas worldwide.”

About as well as rural internet in the US, then?


Google Loons actually have ADS-B transmitters, so you can view them using flight tracking software. They kind of drift aimlessly about the stratosphere.

Lots of Loons over South America, including these 3 over Manaus:


Most of the time, such devices would have ID information printed all over them. I found one instance of a piece of paper taped to one of them with a phone number on it, but most of the images I can find don’t have any obvious identifying data.


That is what they want us to believe.


Well, until it was identified it was U and O, not so sure about the F part.


Had it landed on a remote Pacific island, it would have been an entire episode of Gilligans Island.




“Be careful now, little buddy, that thing looks fragile!”





very suspicious. what is Google hiding?!?


I would not go that far. It seems more likely that they have more faith than is reasonable that their device will remain airborne, and never need to be identified by someone finding the wreckage.


Brings a whole new meaning to, My internet connection has crashed…internet down!


Happened already. Season 3 episode # 22, February 20, 1967


Remind me to put one of these stickers on my death ray.



I don’t mean to be a wet blanket, I really don’t, but UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object.

Before, it was unidentified.

Now, it’s identified.

There’s nothing wrong with listing an unidentified flying object as a UFO because that’s what it is.

People who like to make snarky comments make it hard to take anyone seriously if they report a UFO. Well, them, and crackpots who automatically assume that UFO == aliens.


Keep drinking that tasty Kool-Aid. But seriously, it’s actually a GooFO.


If the wife sees that she will likely have a t-shirt made for me…
Her version of this:

Edit: I’m assuming that they hid “mostly” under the tape


Now that it has been identified it is just an O.