Uganda have a bad time: Sites, VPNs blocked


Uganda’s parliament and rulers can go fuck themselves. Authoritarian douchebags.


I’m sure people will find a way. Much like life, the internet, uh, finds a way.

There’s always Tor or various proxy services. Good luck blocking those. Or someone with a server in a data center or cloud provider outside of Uganda will provide a tunneling service. Or some industrious soul will figure out some other way to bypass these restrictions with satellite, packet radio, or some sort of pirate internet service.


I’m sure that people doing it on the basis of the principle of the thing will have relatively little trouble; but I’d be slightly less sanguine about the success of those doing it for economic reasons(either a desire not to pay or an inability to pay).

5 cents a day isn’t a whole lot to undercut, especially when a lot of the technically good options also create some overhead in bandwidth, latency, or both, compared to a naive connection attempt. And, if the periodic surveys of the assorted VPN apps(even the paid ones, but especially the ‘free’) are anything to go by much of what sells itself as a solution here is more of an MiTM with a UI and possibly some malware than an actually good idea.

I imagine that is part of the logic of implementing a tax rather than a hard ban.


Agreed 100%. I was more thinking along the John Gilmore maxim of “the Net sees censorship as damage and routes around it” sense (Gilmore may be a raging douchenozzle, but I find this quote of his to be quite profound). If The Man tries to block something, someone will always find a way around it.


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