Ugandan ethics chief boasts of his new magic South Korean pornography filter and its efficacy against "homos"

This is the story of our species, and many of our more social relatives. Why is it that when one of my budgerigars starts sitting in a breeding box, all the others crowd around squawking wtf mate?

A lot of it is about making noise to gain authority. Taking on an issue makes you seem like an in charge guy. We are a stupid species but all considered we do quite well for colonies of microscopic cells.

Deep-penetrating Gaydar™ is best so you can probe even really deep and wide holes. (or so I was told)


Deep-penetrating Gaydar™ certainly falls under the heading of active vs. passive Gaydar™. Likely the Ugandan officials obtained the most satisfying results that way.


I tried to think of a joke about faces in porn, and how the Ugandan filter to “detect homos and porn actors” was made obsolete by AI : it’s all in the face!

But thinking about it all, i get scared.
Damn, my moustache didn’t fool them all these years: its my eyebrows giving me away!
(no closet for me where i live, but times like these make me grateful i’m not young anymore. Damn!)

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It sounds like a good market for those fake bomb detectors with a new label.


tl;dr ‘I have this snake oil that will be just the thing to help everything you need… right after I"m done blowing smoke up your ass.’

Conman’s gonna con.

While it’s been very gratifying to see their efforts fail so miserably in the US it’s depressing that they still have the resources to export their message.


They know that their kind of religion thrives wherever there is poverty, ignorance and desperation.

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You may be bipetual. No big deal. I mean, it’s not as if you’re keeping goldfish or something.


Progress is fragile.

The lives and freedoms of GLBT Americans are under severe threat. Now.


Oh GOD! I do have goldfish!

And a lizard.

And a whole bunch of beetles!

I’d better not travel to Uganda!


Thank you for that reminder that I shouldn’t be so glib. Some of the progress made here has already been rolled back and it looks like a lot more is going to be.

Not, teh Gay?
I’m afraid I’ve been misinformed.

…oh dear!

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