Ugly camera strap like your dads? $6

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Been looking (but not that hard) for something like this.

I have a couple really decent cameras that list their model # on their strap… Nice if you want people to be impressed… Not so great if you are trying to be lower profile.


I must be a dad, because I don’t find that ugly at all. Irony-deficient, too.


That doesn’t look ugly or gaudy to me. The only bit I don’t like is the little cameras stamped into the leather.

That thing is positively tasteful compared the the original Ambico Camera Caddy straps. I used to work for a wholesaler of those things, and whenever a new shipment came in we’d compete to see who could find the ugliest one.


You guys might want to get tested for dadliness.

My dad’s Pentax ME had one of those. He did buy it during a trip to the Amazon in the 70s, so the hippie chic aesthetic seems appropriate.

I always though it might be inspired by (and would look good with) a Peruvian chullo.


great. now i want the strap AND the hat.


I have a vintage one on my Rolleiflex – actually it’s a guitar strap, which was used before they were marketed for cameras. On a heavy camera a broad strap makes sense, but on a light-weight digital it seems to be a fashion statement.

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I’ve been using this strap for a few years now. Son, I am offend.


Geez, I wish my dad had a Nikkormat. All I got from him is some lame Canon “product”. Though they did have some nice hippie straps. I’ll give him that.

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I want them both too and I’m a 30 year old woman. But I am a mother if that counts.

My mom recently moved, and while unpacking discovered her old, forgotten, Pentax K1000, with a strap like one of these. If anything it is even bulkier, and has huge chrome attachments. It is bedecked in non-specific Indian pattern #60, and has beautifully worn leather. I also managed to score the camera, which is pretty cool since my early memories of her with that camera and that strap much later fermented into me taking up photography.


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