Ugly Starbucks gift card costs $200, has only $50 in credit on it


What a beautiful and thoughtful way to say Mom, you raised a complete idiot.


"Oh honey, you shouldn’t have!

…Because the monetary value of this gift card plus the materials and manufacturing cost of the object and packaging itself is clearly far less than what you paid for it, and businesses already make significant profits from gift cards anyway because 27% of them are never redeemed by the gift recipient.

But it’s the thought that counts, dear."


I was hoping I was missing something, like maybe it came with the pictured flowers, or the box was particularly useful for other things. But it really is just a box, isn’t it? Oh dear.

Are these types of comments mandatory when starbucks is the subject of the day?

Am I the only person that has NEVER been in a Starbucks ? I’ll stick with the $1 large cup of coffee at the Marathon station if I want one. If you buy 8 gallons or more of gas it’s free. Two different blends of regular and decaf plus real cream is enough choices for me.


Is your mom not worth a $150 box?


That, and the obligatory “char-bucks” references to their roasting methods.

(I personally like Starbucks just fine myself. On the relatively few occasions I get coffee outside my own kitchen, that is.)

I suppose. Though cremation is probably cheaper.


Apparently, the card, being made of “metal” and “ceramic” is a cut above the typical plastic gift card. Though I strongly doubt that that adds more than a few dollars to the manufacturing costs.

No doubt she’ll frame it or stick it to the fridge or otherwise preserve it forever.

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Similar to the way Dali used to draw doodles on the cheques he wrote so they’d never get cashed?

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He did? Why, that clever little so & so!

They make do on occasion. Living in Seattle if I count the kiosks in the grocery stores I can walk to 5 that are withing a half mile or so from my house.

If the whole thing cost above $10 I’d be very surprised. Assuming a quantity of 1000 or so for the ‘Limited edition’.

Well, good news/bad news, we don’t have to put her in a box!


Oh, yeah. Thanks. Like that product wasn’t creepy enough already, you have to go there. What kind of freak do you think I am?

… Course…you know… if they ever came out with that fleshlight version…


I don’t judge.

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If you buy their over-priced coffee, Taking the next logical of just throwing your money at them seems right.

/There’s a Sucker Born…

Wasn’t that Picasso’s scam? Or was his deal simply that his signature was more valuable than the amount the check was written for?

Trigger alert, I don’t even drink coffee.
But on a business trip a few years ago I was forced to buy a quick snack from them because they were the only place open early when I left the hotel.
I felt like i was ripping off my company for expensing breakfast like that.

So yes. mandatory.

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