Ugly wood fired pizza oven

It is still a prototype, and the first fire is tonight. The bricks are cut, the floor is basic, and the chimney is a hack.

Here is the strategy.

Roaring fire below, and a charcoal fire on top of the 20" cast iron ‘dome’. This should negate the need for immense amounts of insulation used in most builds.

No mortar, so I can break it down.

Perforated copper reverse chimney so I can blow air directly into the fire.

I should have result photos tonight.


Still need more heat from the top, but it is close.


Post mortem.

Everything went better than I could have expected. A couple of changes though.

I gonna raise the floor of the fire pit by about a foot.

The dome will be lowered by 2 inches.

I am going to build a steel collar around the top of the dome so I can pack more wood and coals. One log wasn’t enough.

And I need a peel with a longer handle. I am currently missing quite a bit of hair from my right hand. :smile:

It provided about two and a half hours of really hot cook time. The crust was very close to perfection. As in ive had three or four other places pizza with crust consistently that good. The water buffalo moz was divine, and the sauce we made with herbs from the garden was an excellent foil.

I am very much looking forward to the next firing.


mmmm pizza.

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Fourth firing, but this time not pizza. Simple grilling.

Trusty implement in the pic, I call him Axele Rose. Cherry wood fire, but I may have permission to take some white oak this year.

The floor has been raised and it made initial firing easier. Plenty of air now.

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Sourdough gouda bruschetta with cheddar, pimenton, and Thai basil grilled over Cherry wood.

Life. Sucks.

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