UK cops demand list of attendees at university fracking debate




Yeah, nothing creepy about that. Move along.


Do you want the terrorists to win?

Your attitude has been noted, citizen.




Indistinguishable from people having a crush on him. Perhaps there’s a fan club at Kent Police. It could happen.


I have an elegantly simple solution: all people who think it’s important that the police know they were present can send in their names.


Why they just don’t ask NSA?


Are the cops who ask for these things completely incapable of self-reflective examination?

What would it take for an information request generated higher up the food chain to generate a wtf moment in the officer who is supposed to fulfill it?

I know that police work is most appealing to conformist, authoritarian personalities, but these stories make me wonder if they would bat an eye at [deleted to avoid invoking Godwin].



Power 80’s :musical_score:

:musical_note:Fighting the good fight!
Impossible to do anything wrong 'cause we’re the good guuuyyyss! :musical_note:


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